Structural application and common faults of overlap wave spring

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What are the functions and functions of overlap wave spring?

The overlap wave spring has the ability to save space. The overlap wave spring is an elastic element with several valleys in a thin metal ring. The main functions of the overlap wave spring are:

  1. The valve spring of the internal combustion engine, the control spring of the clutch, etc. control the action of the machine.
  2. Absorb the vibration and impact energy of buffer springs under automobiles and trains, couplings, and absorb springs, etc.
  3. Springs in clocks, springs in firearms, etc. store and output energy as power.
  4. When used as a weighing sensor such as a load cell or a spring of a spring scale, the ratio of the load to deformation is called the spring rigidity, and the greater the rigidity, the harder the spring.


Composition: Overlap wave spring refers to a sheet-shaped elastic metal element composed of multiple mountain valleys, which is referred to as a wave spring for short. A single-layer overlap wave spring is an elastic element with several crests on a metal ring, and a multi-layer wave spring looks like it is composed of many single-layer wave springs.


Overlap wave spring is widely used in motor, textile machinery, machinery manufacturing, petrochemical, hydraulic equipment, automobile and other industries. It is mainly installed in the bearing chamber or hole that meets the specification (nominal size). It has the advantages of small installation space, reduced noise and reduced vibration. special features of。

overlap wave spring

Compared with the ordinary overlap wave spring, when a similar load is applied, at least about half of the space can be saved; It can reduce the overall volume of the equipment and save costs; It is suitable for places with limited axial space. By changing the thickness and width of the material or making double or triple overlapping wave springs, it can meet the requirements of different loads.


The overlap wave spring works when the load and deformation are not large, the spring rigidity is small, and axial preload needs to be applied. However, when in use, the wave spring may fail for some reason, which will affect the normal operation and use of the equipment.


So, what is the reason for the failure of the overlap wave spring? Let us briefly analyze it. The causes of overlap wave spring failure are generally:

  1. It is the material for making springs. Springs made of materials with surface strengthening treatment have a longer life than untreated ones. Defective materials will also affect the life of springs. Yes, springs will fail due to early fatigue.
  2. The temperature of the spring, the wave spring has strong elasticity, electrical conductivity and wear resistance at normal temperature, but as the temperature rises, the elasticity of the spring gradually decreases, and gradually fails due to fatigue.


How to choose the manufacturer of overlap wave spring?

Wave springs are a relatively common product now. Because it has more functions when used, it is favored by everyone. Presumably, if compared with the traditional wave spring, it has more advantages. Now it has been welcomed by everyone in the market, and many users also hope to find regular manufacturers to cooperate with, so how to choose a manufacturer? Next, I will briefly introduce it to you.

single turn overlap wave spring washer

With the continuous increase of the demand, there are now many manufacturers. In this case, it is really not so easy for us to find a regular manufacturer. And of course there are good and bad things to do in the market. For those who don’t know this, they don’t know how to choose. At this time, you just need to remember to consider these aspects. In the face of many companies, you can check the production qualifications of the manufacturers, see if they are real companies or black workshops, and check their reputation in the industry. Then it is more important to find out whether the quality of their products is up to standard. Check whether the wave spring manufacturer has relevant quality certification and whether there are quality problems. It is also necessary to check the culture of the enterprise. If you don’t have time in the early stage, you can learn about it through the Internet. In fact, these basic information can still be found on the Internet. And some customers will also leave some good reviews. If the wave spring manufacturers do not do well, their reputation will be bad, so it is recommended that you find out in advance.。


Of course, you can find some wave spring manufacturers with good reputation, and then make a comparison. Investigate the production situation of each wave spring manufacturer, as well as their production cycle. Ask clearly whether the supply can be delivered on time and whether the company’s promise can be fulfilled. After consulting all these clearly, when asking about the price of the wave spring, we still need to remind everyone here that when buying a product, don’t just care about its price blindly, and the quality should also be considered for improvement. It is not unreasonable to understand that you get what you pay for. Of course, we need to look at a few more companies and make multiple comparisons. Because the price is reasonable, the wave spring with guaranteed quality will not often have problems when it is used. Next, you should consult clearly whether the wave spring manufacturer’s supply price is lower than the market price. If you can meet these, then you can basically consider cooperation. If you need a relatively large amount, try to find time to visit the site. This will give you more peace of mind. As long as you master these little skills, then this matter is actually relatively simple.


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