Frequently asked questions about wave springs, including spiral retaining ring, gap wave spring, overlap wave spring, multi turn wave springs.


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Spring is a kind of mechanical parts using elasticity to work, for the general basic parts, has a wide range of use, many categories, low unit price, demand is large but the demand is scattered characteristics. Spring unit product value is not high, so from the output value and market size, the spring industry in the entire manufacturing industry belongs to a relatively small industry, but spring products as an indispensable part of the industrial manufacturing chain, the role played by can not be underestimated.

For a long time, the spring industry has formed an oversupply of low-grade ordinary springs, the passive situation of high-grade products in short supply.

According to expert statistics, China’s annual production volume of springs has reached 4 billion pieces, a total of 21 categories of various spring products, more than 1600 varieties, including wave springs for a high-precision flat wire compression springs, widely used in aerospace, precision machinery, hydraulic seals and high-end motors and many other industries and products, is one of the representatives of high-end springs.

Waveform spring is a more complex space curved parts, the shape is special, requiring uniform distribution of peaks and valleys according to the circumference, so the design, materials, processing equipment have strict requirements.

Design, advanced manufacturers of wave springs will use simulation and other design software for finite element analysis, etc., to provide specific theoretical guidance for wave spring stamping and forming process experiments; production and processing, most companies will independently develop and design special press tooling or equipment, combined with CNC spring presses, CNC ringing machines and other automated equipment to improve product efficiency and product quality; materials, according to In terms of materials, according to the needs of customers in different application areas, choose suitable and high-performance materials, such as the aerospace industry, the need to choose nickel-based alloys and other high-strength, high-temperature-resistant special alloys to process and produce, and materials to meet RoHS and other environmental requirements to achieve green manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing.

One of the major advantages of wave springs over ordinary cylindrical compression springs is that the working height required with the same load is reduced by more than 50%. In order to meet the requirements, higher strength materials need to be used.

Wave springs are used in aerospace, precision machinery, hydraulic seals, and high-end motors where internal space is limited, and dimensional accuracy is critical. The increase in the limit deviation of the inner and outer diameters facilitates the installation and stability of the performance of wave springs.

The spin ratio, or spring index, of a wave spring affects the strength, stiffness, stability, and ease of manufacture of the spring. In order to make the spring itself more stable and not flutter and be too soft, the winding ratio should not be too large; however, in order to avoid strong bending of the spring wire during winding, the winding ratio should not be small.

The number of turns of the wave spring impacts the load deviation when the spring is compressed to a specified height, and the larger the number of turns, the smaller the deviation.

The coefficient of elasticity reflects the relationship between the load and the deformation of the wave spring and is an important characteristic for measuring the performance of the spring product. Wave springs are installed at moving structures and are prone to friction with their surroundings. The increase in stiffness helps to extend their service life.


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