Wave Spring

Use a german wave spring design system to produce accurate size wave springs suitable for various industries.

As a professional wave spring supplier, Lisheng Spring has thousands of specifications of products. These include multi turn wave springs, snap ring, retaining ring, wave spring washer, wave washer, overlap wave spring, spiral retaining ring, wave rings, gap wave spring, etc. If you are interested in our products, please contact us.

A wave spring is an elastic metal element consisting of a number of peaks and valleys in a thin ring. A single turn wave spring is an elastic element with a number of peaks and valleys in a metal ring, while multi turn wave springs appear to be composed of many single turn wave springs and are similar to a cylindrical spiral compression spring. So it can save at least 50% of the space when bearing similar loads, which can reduce the overall volume of the equipment and save costs. It is ideal for places where axial space is limited and can be made by changing the thickness of the material, width, or two or three layers of overlapping waveform springs to meet the requirements of different loads. It is currently widely used in aerospace, precision machinery manufacturing, petrochemical, automotive and other industries.