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Double-Turn laminar sealing rings

Product Description


Application “FK6 ASD” Outside clamping double sealing ring (2 rings = 1 set) In contrast to the single wound laminar seal ring “FK 3”, “FK6” laminar sealing rings are double wound. They are used as grease seals for roller and plain bearings. They are also used as a protection seal in front of hermetically acting seal arrangements.

The “FK 6” laminar sealing rings must meet special sealing requirements against grease leakage and against dust, dirt and splash water ingress. “FK 6” laminar seal rings provide a uniform radial tension and, in contrast to the “FK 3” laminar rings, they have no axial joint gap. The combined ring sets “FK6 ASKD” (additional sealing of the groove base diameter) optimize the sealing effect due to the increased labyrinth effect.

The “FK6 ASD” or “FK6 ASKD” assemblies are normally preferred over the “FK6 ISD” or “FK6 ISKD” due to their easier ring installation into the grooves of the ring carriers. Depending on the applications or the technical requirements, the ring carriers can be manufactured from steel, cast iron, light alloy or plastics.

Precautions for installing laminar seal ring

  1. Ensure that the edges or transition holes are chamfered and burrs are removed;
  2. Check that there is no problem with the surface of the seal;
  3. Clean all residues left by processing;
  4. The threads of the installation path should be covered with protective sleeves;
  5. The installation surface of the sealing ring needs to be coated with lubricating grease, which is convenient for installation;
  6. Do not use sharp tools during manual installation;
  7. Do not stretch the laminar seal ring too much.

When you are looking for a way to keep your product or machine sealed, you may want to consider using laminar seal rings. These rings have a number of benefits that can make them the perfect choice for your needs.

What are laminar seal rings?

Laminar seal rings are rings that are used in conjunction with other sealing devices in order to prevent the escape of gas or fluid. They are typically made of a rubber or elastomeric material, and are used in a wide variety of applications. Laminar seal rings can be used to seal the gaps between two surfaces, or to seal a rotating shaft.

How are laminar seal rings used?

Laminar seal rings are used in a variety of industries to create a tight seal between two objects. They are often used in conjunction with gaskets to create a more reliable seal. Laminar seal rings are made of a number of different materials, depending on the application. Some common materials include rubber, silicone, and neoprene.

What are the benefits of laminar seal rings?

Laminar seal rings are a type of seal ring that is designed to reduce turbulence and fluid leakage. They are commonly used in hydraulic and pneumatic systems, and can provide a number of benefits, including improved system performance, reduced fluid leakage, and reduced noise levels. Laminar seal rings are also very durable and can provide long-term performance.