Classification and characteristics of multi turn wave springs

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Multi turn wave springs is a material that is often used in daily life, and it has a wide range of uses. However, multi turn wave springs can be divided into many different types. According to the shape, coil springs can be divided into ordinary cylinders, coil springs and variable diameter coil springs. If divided according to the direction of rotation of the coil spring, it can be divided into a left-handed spring and a right-handed spring. Variable-diameter coil springs can also be further classified, which can be divided into conical coil springs, scroll coil springs and concave coil springs.


The conical coil spring has the best cushioning performance among all coil springs, and it can withstand relatively large loads. The spiral coil spring is a kind of very complicated manufacturing process. It can store more energy and can bear a relatively large load, but its production cost and cost are relatively high, and it will be used in some relatively good products. Concave coil springs are similar to ordinary conical coil springs in terms of appearance and performance, but this product is mainly used in the production of cushions and mattresses.


Multi turn wave springs are also called torsion springs, which are items that can withstand torsional deformation. The main working part of this item is a densely wound spiral steel wire. Its front end structure will be processed into twisted arms of various shapes, but not a shackle. This product has a strong balance in the machine. It is mainly used in industrial production such as automobile machine tools and electrical appliances, and plays a pivotal role in these industrial productions.

Multi Turn Wave Springs stainless steel

There is also an independent branch in multi turn wave springs, which is the car spring. Its main feature is to carry the weight of the vehicle body, which means that most of the weight of the vehicle that people drive is usually shared by coil springs. Moreover, the addition of multi turn wave springs can also reduce the bumpy feeling of the vehicle when driving on the road, which is an important component that can buffer vibration. It is not only used in shock absorption in automobile production, but also used in the production of seats and other components, and is one of the important components in the production of automobiles.


When the vehicle is running, the road surface will have a certain impact on the wheels, and these impacts will enter the multi turn wave springs through conduction, which will deform, absorb the kinetic energy generated by the wheels, and reduce the vibration of the vehicle. People sitting in the vehicle feel more comfortable. This is also an important reason why vehicles need regular maintenance and timely replacement of shock absorbers, because the shock absorbers of vehicles are composed of coil springs. The car spring in the coil spring has the performance of fine adjustment, and the softness is relatively good, these are its main characteristics. In addition, its processing technology is relatively simple, but its structure is relatively compact, and its energy utilization rate is relatively high. These are the advantages and characteristics of automotive coil springs.


Multi turn wave springs are elastic elements with multiple peaks on a thin metal ring. Generally speaking, the load and deformation are not large, and the spring stiffness is low. It is suitable when axial preload is required. Multi turn wave springs are particularly suitable for applications requiring weight reduction and applications limited by small installation spaces. Multi turn wave springs are divided into two categories: WS series wave springs and WSS series wave springs.


The WS series is characterized by providing ideal elasticity in a small footprint, saving 50% less than ordinary coil springs, and providing ideal elasticity in a footprint. In addition to the advantages of the WS-type wave spring, the WSS series has two flat rings at both ends of the spring, so the spring is more uniform in use. In particular, it is suitable for the environment where there are holes at both ends of the installation space, and the WS-type peaks are easy to fall into the holes and cannot be used.

Multi Turn Wave Springs

What is the material for making multi turn wave springs?

  1. Carbon steel and alloy steel: When making springs, metal elements such as silicon, manganese, chromium, vanadium and molybdenum are often added to the steel to increase the elasticity and fatigue limit of the spring and improve the impact resistance.
  2. Large-scale wave springs are usually heat-processed. That is to say, the spring material is rolled at high temperature, and after high-temperature processing, it is soaked in oil or water at about 780-850 degrees, and soaked at a temperature of 400-500 degrees.
  3. Small springs, first annealed and then frozen, rolled up and tempered in a hardening furnace (such as steel wire, piano wire or steel belt).
  4. The piano wire is high-elastic steel (0.65 ~ 0.95%), with few impurities. When the diameter is less than 1/4, it has been braked. It has good mechanical properties at room temperature, high tensile strength and damping. It is good coil spring material.
  5. Stainless steel wire is used in places that are easy to corrode, high-speed steel and stainless steel that can resist high temperature.
  6. The carbon content of the oil return line should contain 0.6% ~ 0.7% manganese, and 0.6% ~ 1.0% is often used in coil springs. Leaf springs usually use 0.9% to 1.0% ordinary steel, and the better ones use chrome vanadium steel and silicon manganese steel.


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