Company introduction documents about Lisheng, and product catalogs of wave springs, spiral retaining rings, gap wave springs, overlap wave springs, multi-turn wave springs, wave washers, wave rings, and snap rings.

Lisheng spring, a member of the china spring association and a national high-tech enterprise; As a single turn gap wave spring washer supplier, our company began to devote itself to the research and development of wave springs, spiral retaining rings, constant section retaining rings and sealing stack rings in 2012. Our company is a supplier of parts for national science and technology major special projects; we are the drafting unit of the national military standard (gjb).

At present we have thousands of conventional sizes in stock. Whether you need carbon steel, stainless steel, special high temperature and corrosion resistant materials, copper alloys, titanium alloys, we can help you solve your problems.

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We offer a 7*24 online service, so please feel free to contact us when you need us.

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We currently only have an office in Chicago, USA. Offices in the rest of the country will be established in the future.

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Wave spring

The wave spring is a precision flat wire compression spring; it is suitable for installation in parts where other springs cannot be accommodated in parts where space is limited.

Spiral retaining ring

The spiral retaining ring is made of flattened steel wire; equal in cross-section, without protruding “ears” also known as “earless retaining rings”. Also known as “earless rings”.

Company brochure

Lisheng is a member of the china spring association and a high-tech enterprise in china. Founded in 2009, it has 13+ years of experience in the industry.