The most common applications of wave springs

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With the deepening of the industrialization process, China’s industrial upgrading wave springs are widely used in various fields, providing a large number of compact and lightweight solutions in the product design of aerospace, automotive, medical, petroleum and other industries. Below we introduce the most common applications of wave springs.


Pressure Relief Valve

The sealing plate is precisely loaded by the top wave spring. When the air pressure enters the upper hole, the sealing plate is forced away from the sealing surface to achieve a decompression effect.


Face Seal

The wave spring is tightly combined with the graphite surface, providing a precise load to seal the fluid. Wave springs can operate within a fixed working range and provide precise force values, unlike traditional stamped wave rings that cannot guarantee an accurate spring rate.


Clutch Drive

By compressing the Wavo circular coil, the circular belt is pressed through the lower gear, and the rotation of the upper gear can adjust the compression of the coil. Circular coils provide high force values in confined radial spaces.


Bayonet Connector

The overlap wave spring is installed in the electronic connector and is assembled by concave and convex parts. The overlap wave spring is compressed to the working height to provide an appropriate force value to combine the two parts.


Multi-Tooth Cutter

A device with positioning parts combined with a wave spring allows precise control of the saw blade so that it operates without noise.


Slip Clutch

The clutch is actuated when the V-stop is in the V-groove. Wave springs provide precise control of pressure and maintain positioning. As the torque increases, the V-stop lifts or deviates from the V-groove, and depressing the wave spring creates a slide. When the torque is reduced, the wave spring forces the V-stop firmly into the V-groove to actuate again.

Multi Turn Wave Springs A286 Alloy

Bearing Pre-Load

The most common wave springs are used in bearing assemblies. Bearing life can be extended by proper loading, lower operating temperature, reduced vibration and minimized wear, which results in quieter and smoother performance.


Flow Valve

When the hydraulic pressure increases, the top wave spring can precisely control the linear displacement of the piston to flow out the liquid. The space-saving characteristics of the top wave spring can reduce the space design of the fluid valve.


Low Voltage Connector

When the main piece is screwed into the accessory along the groove, the connector is assembled. Multi turn wave springs provide preload between ends. Multi turn wave springs can provide higher load performance when radial and axial space is limited.


Sprinkler Valve

Due to height constraints, the top wave spring maintains a fixed pressure on the top of the sprinkler pop-up to close it tightly. In use, when the water pressure in the sprinkler valve is higher than the spring pressure, the water is released.


Rotary Vane Pump

The corrugated gasket is installed at the bottom of the vane of the pump to play a bearing role, and the corrugated gasket provides power to the blade to make the blade fit closely with the hole and better seal.


Rotary Vane Pump

The corrugated gasket is installed at the bottom of the vane of the pump to play a bearing role, and the corrugated gasket provides power to the blade to make the blade fit closely with the hole and better seal.


Oil Valve

The force value generated by the wave spring can accurately adjust the oil release amount, and the top wave spring can also provide an accurate force value in a small space, which will greatly reduce the size of the valve.

Nested Wave Spring carbon steel

Ball Valve

Wave springs are used in ball valves to reduce body height. The wave spring makes the valve seat vibrate on the ball to ensure good sealing during operation. The reduction of the height of the wave spring reduces the assembly space and the valve volume.


Vibration Lsolator

Wavo circular coils provide high force values ​​and relatively large axial displacements in confined spaces. Can be used in tandem for additional travel requirements.


Floating Gear

The top wave spring is installed in the bracket to carry the gear, and can be moved axially by applying light force, and at the same time can be self-aligned with the matched gear.


Content Preload

Wave shims are used to apply the rollers in the grooves to ensure the positioning of the rotating parts. The corrugated spacer can provide precise force value to make the rotating device reach the desired limit effect.


Advantages of wave springs:

  1. Save axial space

Since each layer of the wave spring is composed of a sine wave, although it is a helical structure, the output spring stiffness is higher under the same conditions, so it can provide load requirements in a smaller stroke range, thereby reducing the overall size of the component to provide design possibilities for lightweight and compact products.

  1. Provide precise and controllable force requirements

Thanks to the linear spring rate of the sine wave output of the wave spring, the load of the wave spring at the specified working height can be accurately predicted. For products that require high precision for a high workload, this characteristic of the wave spring can well meet the requirements of precision machinery for product consistency and reliability.

  1. Design flexibility

Since the wave spring adopts the edge winding process, it can quickly and economically provide samples for the early design of the product. The company has matched a large number of tooling dies and a wide range of material inventory for the non-standard design and production of wave springs.


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