A self locking spiral retaining ring

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Spiral retaining rings are widely used in medical equipment, aerospace and other fields. Although these circlips are suitable for most working conditions, with the update of technology, special applications of circlips have entered our field of vision, such as self-locking circlips.


The self-locking spiral retaining ring is designed to help increase the rotational capacity of the retaining ring and is ideal for applications with high rotational capacity requirements.


The origin of the self locking spiral retaining ring

All circlips for rotating shafts are subject to centrifugal force. If these centrifugal forces are large enough to expand the circlip so that it no longer fits snugly in the groove, the effect of the circlip is reduced, which is very likely to lead to failure.


However, with the advancement of technology and the updating of equipment, more and more applications require higher rotational capacity, so the centrifugal force on the retaining ring will also increase. If your application requires more than the recommended rotational capacity indicated by standard circlips, you can choose based on your specific application needs.


Since rotational capacity is a function of several parameters (i.e. thickness, radial wall size, fit, and interference fit and diameter between ring and groove, etc.) Or the fit of the retaining ring and the groove to improve the rotation ability.


If your application needs exceed the recommended rotational capacity of a standard circlip, you can choose a self-locking circlip based on your application needs. The self-locking retaining ring is used in ultra-high speed conditions, and overcomes the centrifugal force at high speed through its self-locking structure.

Self Locking Spiral retaining ring

A self locking spiral retaining ring is a custom retaining ring that features a self-locking function through a protrusion and a groove that interlock to prevent expansion of the retaining ring. The protrusions fit perfectly into the grooves on the mating turns so that when the retaining ring is installed in the grooves, the protrusions snap into the grooves.


This feature allows the retaining ring to function properly at speeds well beyond the rotational capability of standard circlips. Therefore, this self locking function enables the spiral retaining ring to operate at high speeds, withstand vibration, and accelerate operation, while absorbing a certain degree of shock load.


Installation method of self locking spiral retaining ring

The installation process of the self locking spiral retaining ring is roughly the same as that of the standard retaining ring, except that there is one more step than the standard retaining ring, that is, you need to use a small hammer or mallet to tap the protrusion of the self locking spiral retaining ring achieve accurate positioning. The two protrusions of the self-locking circlip must be fully seated in their corresponding grooves on the mating turns.


Self locking circlips are ideal for applications with high rotational requirements. This feature allows the retaining ring to operate normally at speeds beyond the recommended rotational capacity. Self locking options can be integrated for outer and inner retaining rings. The self-locking feature utilizes small protrusions in the inner layer to “lock” into grooves in the outer layer. Self-locking allows the retaining ring to operate at high speeds, withstand vibration, operate under rapid acceleration and absorb some degree of shock load.


The advantages of the spiral retaining ring are as follows:

  1. The structure is simple, the volume is relatively small, the material is small, and the cost is relatively low; it meets the requirement of relatively small space in the device design, which is suitable for compact design; the relatively small number of components simplifies the design of connecting devices.
  2. Multi-point contact, high level of cooperation, can achieve relatively cost-free contact. Ensure a large current carrying capacity; good electrical conductivity, high electrical and thermal stability.
  3. The contact pressure of each contact point is relatively low, and it has relatively good wear resistance.
  4. The other structure makes it have a wide range of work; it allows the existence of relatively common service on the contact surface; it has a relatively large adaptability to processing errors and assembly errors, and is more suitable for a large-scale spiral retaining ring. It is rolled from flat metal wire, and has relatively good elasticity and toughness after heat treatment and surface treatment.


Lisheng Spring is a professional self locking spiral retaining ring manufacturer. We have advanced technology and excellent product quality. Our company is a supplier of parts and components for major national science and technology projects; it is an assisting unit for drafting military standards (GJB). At present, our company has thousands of conventional products in stock. If you are interested in our products, please contact us as soon as possible.

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