Self Locking Spiral retaining ring

Product Description

Self Locking External Retaining Ring, External Lock Ring Free Tooling Charge

Push-On Rings, often described as a self locking external retaining ring, attempt to apply a force (frictional force) to the housing or shaft to hold any device or component (mechanical) tightly in its place. Typically, in those external and internal self-locking designs, the push-on ring does not exhibit any type of groove or the requirement for additional machining in order to hold it properly in place.

Self locking external retaining rings are ideal for securing components involving light applications and not subject to heavy thrust loads. They fit your application or the outside of the shaft. Each prong or tooth “pushes” on the outside of the shaft to hold it in place. In other words, they interact with each other to maintain their respective positions. Not only do these self locking external retaining rings require no grooves on the shaft, they are also absolutely perfect for jobs involving lower forces.

Material option

Stainless steel: SUS301(1.4310), SUS302(1.4307), SUS304, SUS316,SUS631(17-7ph), X-750

Carbon steel: SWC-72A,SWC-65Mn, 60Si2Mn, 55CrSi(55SiCr),SAE1070, SWPB(Music wire), EN10270-1 SH, DIN 17223, ASTM-A228, etc

Copper/Brass: Brass(CuZn36, CuZn40), copper(C1100), phosphor bronze copper(CuSn6), beryllium bronze copper, enamelled wire, etc

Alloy: titanium alloy etc.


The self locking external retaining ring is designed to help increase the rotational capacity of the retaining ring and is ideal for applications requiring high rotational capacity.

self locking external retaining ring is a custom retaining ring, the self-locking function is achieved by a protrusion and a groove, which can be interlocked to prevent the expansion of the retaining ring. The protrusions fit perfectly into the grooves on the mating turns so that when the retaining ring is installed in the grooves, the protrusions snap into the grooves.

This feature allows the retaining ring to function properly at speeds well beyond the rotational capability of standard circlips. Therefore, this self-locking function enables the retaining ring to operate at high speeds, withstand vibration, and accelerate operation, while absorbing a certain degree of shock load.

Installation method of self locking external retaining ring

The installation process of the self locking external retaining ring is basically the same as that of the standard retaining ring, except that there is one more step than the standard retaining ring, that is, the protrusion of the self locking external retaining ring needs to be tapped into the groove with a small hammer or mallet for accurate positioning. The two protrusions of the self locking external retaining ring must be fully seated in their corresponding grooves on the mating turns.



Self locking external retaining rings are ideal for applications that have high rotational requirements. This feature allows the ring to function properly at speeds that exceed the recommended rotational capacity. The self-locking option can be incorporated for both external and internal rings. The self-locking feature utilizes a small tab on the inside turn locking± into a slot on the outside turn. Self-locking allows the ring to operate at high speeds, withstand vibration, function under rapid acceleration and absorb a degree of impact loading.

Material Stainless steel/carbon steel/copper/brass/alloy
Capacity Wire diameter ranging from 0.15-50mm.
Wire shape option Coil, flat, rectangular, square, triangular etc
Surface finish option Nickel plating, chrome plating, zinc plating, galvanization ,passivation, ultrasonic washing, silver plating, gold plating, electrophoresis, phosphorization, dacromet, teflon coating etc
Application Aviation, automotive, motorbike, bicycle, automatic equipment, household appliance, medical device, toy, telecommunication, computer, instrument and meter, furniture, electric tools, mold and other industries
Advantage We are good at producing high-difficult, extremely-accurate, reliable products, and providing innovative solution, solid service for you!
Engineering Product analysis, design, test, validation etc
Manufacturing Machines CNC spring formers, tempering furnace, ends grinder, shot-blasting, lathes, millers, punches etc.
Test equipments Projector, digital hardness tester, digital torsion strength tester, digital tension and compression strength tester, elasticity tester, life tester, salt spray test machine etc.


  1. Different assemblies can achieve special load characteristics.
  2. High load capacity with a small spring deflection.
  3. Better space utilization compared to other spring.
  4. Standard dimensions can reduce cost.
  5. High fatigue life.
  6. Excellent performance on dampening effect especially when stacked.