Select the correct use method of ear less circlip

What we are interested in is how to improve the performance of the spring. Breakthroughs in technology. Building the Lisheng brand for 100 years.

Different earless circlip factories have different methods of use. If it exceeds a certain limit, the spring will be damaged. We have all encountered earless circlips that exceed the large compression in our life. Soon after use, they have no elasticity, because they exceed the large compression in use. If the pressure is too high and causes the spring to break, it will not be used too many times, and it should be used in the spring to accept the pressure range. There is no preloading, which means that some people use the spring due to the gap caused by the up and down vibration of the spring, resulting in the deformation of the spring. If there is preloading, the use of the spring is relatively stable.

Generally, the ear less snap ring is not allowed to be used horizontally, which may cause the wear of the spring and pin, and even cause the spring to break. If it is used without spring guidance, it is easy to distort the spring body and may crack. Therefore, if you want to use the spring better, you must understand the correct use of the spring. Do not use under the above conditions, otherwise the spring will break.

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