Differences between two kinds of ear less retaining ring installation

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Shaft elasticity trunnion free retaining ring it is a kind of hole movement installed on the grooved shaft and used to fix parts. The inner diameter of this kind of non ear retaining ring is slightly smaller than the assembly shaft diameter. The ear less retaining ring for the hole is installed in the hole groove of the machine and equipment, which plays a role in preventing the parts on the hole from moving left and right

1. First of all, the two are different in tools. They are the trunnion free circlip pliers for shaft and the trunnion free circlip pliers for hole. The main differences are: the trunnion free circlip pliers for shaft are special tools for disassembling and assembling the spring retainer ring for shaft, and the jaw of the trunnion free circlip pliers is open when it is held tightly by hand; The ear less circlip pliers for holes are used to disassemble and assemble the spring retainer ring for holes. When holding tightly by hand, the jaw is closed.

2. The position and size of the two holes of the snap ring pliers are different.

3. Different shapes and forces. The two small holes used for the shaft are outside the trunnion ring, which should be supported outward and installed into the workpiece, and the holes are used in the opposite direction. The shaft is pressed on the shaft, which is often used to block the inner ring of the bearing. The hole is fixed in the inner hole to block the outer ring of the bearing to prevent movement.

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