Fatigue test of double-layer snap ring

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Double snap ring how to conduct the fatigue test of? Now let’s have a look! The purpose of double-layer circlip fatigue test can be roughly pided into three categories: one is to test products or designed parts, which is mainly to verify the fatigue life and evaluate the reliability of products or designed parts. One is the test to determine the fatigue limit or s–n curve of double-layer circlip material. The purpose of this kind of test is mainly to provide data for design; one is to determine the influence of external factors on fatigue strength or life. This kind is mostly comparative tests, which mainly provides data and basis for improving product quality and design.

For the test of double-layer circlip material, it is not easy to make a middle thin test bar for fatigue test because the surface state, drawing degree and overall dimension of the raw material are different from those of ordinary steel. If the double-layer circlip material is clamped directly on the testing machine, because the clamping part will have additional stress, this part will be destroyed first, and it cannot reflect the real fatigue strength of the material. Therefore, the fatigue strength test of the double-layer circlip material is generally carried out with the rolled double-layer circlip. Even so, due to the influence of many factors, the test value is also very discrete, and the allowable stress is often difficult to judge. The above is about the fatigue test of double-layer circlip.

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