Difference between ear less retaining ring and snap ring

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Trunnion free retaining ring what are the differences between and snap ring? Now let’s have a look! Earless retaining ring and snap ring are collectively referred to as circlips, which are quite different from each other in appearance:

1. The snap ring usually has two process holes for the clamping of the snap ring pliers, and there are two obvious protrusions at the process holes; The retaining ring without ear has no protrusion.

2. The double-layer earless retaining ring is very similar to the key chain, except that there is a chamfer for holding at the end of the retaining ring steel wire. Due to the addition of the process hole, the snap ring is more convenient for disassembly and assembly, but the protrusion at the installation process hole takes up a large space, and both the hole and shaft snap rings occupy a large space.

3. Compared with the snap ring, the ear less retaining ring has no process hole, and the disassembly is not as convenient as the snap ring, but the ear less retaining ring occupies less installation space, and the shape is more concise and beautiful. For occasions that do not require frequent disassembly, the advantages of the ear less retaining ring are more obvious. The above is the difference between the ear less retaining ring and the snap ring.

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