Introduction to the function of ear less retaining ring

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Trunnion free retaining ring what are the functions? Now let’s have a look with the manufacturers of the earless retaining ring! The earless retaining ring is a kind of component used in various mechanical equipment to block and adjust. It is widely used. Let the earless retaining ring manufacturer introduce the functions and types of the earless retaining ring for you!

If you want to choose a suitable earless retaining ring, you must first understand what is the earless retaining ring and its function.

The ear less retaining ring is a ring-shaped machine part fastened in the groove, which can prevent other parts installed on the shaft from moving. Earless retaining rings are generally made of metal. The inner ring is located in the housing groove and the outer ring is located in the shaft groove.

As an alternative method to process the shoulder, the earless retaining ring saves the complex processing process, saves time, weight and production cost, and thus improves the production efficiency.

The retaining ring forms side walls on both sides of the synchronous pulley. In order to facilitate belt replacement, the retaining ring on one side is easy to disassemble. The corrugated retaining ring is easy to meet the requirements of on-site maintenance. If the sealing ring of the hydraulic cylinder needs to be repaired, the retaining ring can be quickly removed with a screwdriver and easily reinstalled.

Using the circlip can save the design of the axle table, reduce the size of the shaft, and save materials and processing time. In addition, wave spring is also widely used, such as adjustable pulley, bearing preloading, electrical connection, hydraulic seal, clutch, ball valve, fluid valve coupling, etc. The above is about the function of the ear less retaining ring.