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Laminar Seal Ring FK6 ASD

Product Description


Application “FK3 ASK” Outside clamping combined single laminar rings (5 rings = 1 set) Single wound laminar sealing rings “FK3 ASK” are used as a grease seal for roller and plain bearings and they protect, if greased, against dust entry and ambient moisture.

Due to the increased labyrinth effect, the sealing effect is optimized by the additional sealing of the groove base diameter. The “FK3 AS” or “FK3 ASK” assemblies are normally preferred over the “FK3 IS” or “FK3 ISK” assemblies due to their easier installation into the grooves.

Depending on the applications or the technical requirements, the laminar ring carriers can be manufactured from steel, cast iron, light alloy or plastics.


Types of laminar rings:

  1. V-shaped sealing ring: It is an elastic rubber sealing ring with axial action, which is used as a pressureless seal for the rotating shaft. The sealing lip has good mobility and adaptability, can compensate for large tolerances and angular deviations, can prevent internal grease or oil from leaking out, and can also prevent external splashing water or dust invasion.
  2. U-ring: commonly used in the manufacture of reciprocating seals in hydraulic systems. It is widely used in the sealing of hydraulic cylinders in construction machinery.
  3. O-ring: mainly used for static sealing and reciprocating sealing. When used for rotary motion seals, it is limited to low-speed rotary seals.
  4. Rectangular sealing ring: It is generally installed in a groove with a rectangular cross-section on the outer or inner circle to play a sealing role.
  5. Y-shaped sealing ring: widely used in reciprocating sealing devices.
  6. Retaining ring for O-ring seal: This standard is applicable to use with O-ring when the cylinder pressure is greater than 10MPa.