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Font section retaining ring

Product Description


The font retaining ring feature a uniform, constant section. This means that the material used to make the ring is the same width at any point along the circumference of the ring. These cost less than tapered and spiral retaining rings and provide only three point contact with the groove.


There are basically four common retaining rings:

  1. Spiral retaining ring – for non-separable designs;
  2. Solid retaining ring with notches (cuts) – for non-separable designs;
  3. Robust retaining ring (uncut) – in high pressure and high temperature applications;
  4. Profiled Retaining Rings – up to 400 bar in critical applications (O-rings can be severely deformed).


Application of font retaining ring:

Retaining rings can be used in a variety of industries, especially in static mechanical and static sealing applications such as various types of hydraulic cylinders, injection molding machines, mining equipment, marine hydraulics, loading platforms, cranes and other heavy equipment.


Advantages of font retaining ring

  1. No assembly/disassembly lugs = space saving in radial direction;
  2. Edges with radius, no stamping burrs;
  3. Square edge wire for sharp-edged installations;
  4. No special tooling for exotic materials;
  5. No special tooling for installing and removal necessary;
  6. Conform to DIN 471/472;
  7. Higher ring shear;
  8. Special ends for specific applications;
  9. Heavy duty sections for higher rotational capacities.
  10. Both static and dynamic applications are available;
  11. For use with pistons and piston rods;
  12. Wide choice of materials;
  13. Easy to install and remove.