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Custom constant section snap ring for bore

Product Description


Constant section retaining rings feature a uniform, constant section. This means that the material used to make the ring is the same width at any point along the circumference of the ring. This cost less than tapered and spiral retaining rings and provide only three-point contact with the groove.

The constant section snap ring is a linear retaining ring made of carbon spring steel with a wide rectangular section providing a protruding shoulder for the stopper. Constant section snap rings are available in inner and outer rings and are suitable for off-shaft or bore and in-housing grooved applications. Both inner and outer rings come in a range of gap sizes and point types to suit most applications.

The constant section snap ring is made of carbon spring steel with an untreated or phosphate surface. Designed for applications with low thrust loads. It can be easily installed or removed by using snap ring pliers. We can custom bore snap rings according to customers’ needs.


Industrial grade snap rings, often referred to as constant section snap rings, are wire retaining rings made of carbon spring steel with a wide rectangular cross-section providing a prominent shoulder for the retainer. Constant section snap rings are available as inner and outer rings and are suitable for grooved applications outside shafts or inside bores and housings. Both inner and outer rings are available in a range of gap sizes and point types to suit most applications.

  1. Made of carbon spring steel with untreated or phosphate surface.
  2. Specially designed for low-thrust load applications.
  3. Easy to install or remove with snap ring pliers.

Application of constant section snap ring

1. Bearing
The following applications feature XAH series snap rings installed in internal grooves. Heavy-duty snap rings secure the bearings within the housing.

2. Executive valve
A heavy-duty constant section snap ring is installed to absorb occasional shock loads from the piston. The ring has special ends for easy installation and removal with compatible tools and is contoured for high thrust.


Advantages of constant section retaining ring

  1. No assembly/disassembly lugs = space saving in radial direction;
  2. Edges with radius, no stamping burrs;
  3. Square edge wire for sharp-edged installations;
  4. No special tooling for exotic materials;
  5. No special tooling for installation and removal is necessary;
  6. Conform to DIN 471/472;
  7. Higher ring shear;
  8. Special ends for specific applications;
  9. Heavy-duty sections for higher rotational capacities.


Competitive Advantage

  1. More than 3000 kinds of wave spring and spiral retaining ring standard parts in stock;
  2. Timely delivery of quality assurance;
  3. Quality service available for samples;
  4. We have more than 10 years of professional experience in producing wave springs, spiral retaining rings, constant cross-section retaining rings, and sealing stacks;
  5. We can custom bore snap rings according to customer demand;
  6. We have a strong R&D team to solve product problems;
  7. There are many raw material suppliers in our factory;
  8. We provide high-quality products to many world-famous companies;
  9. Our factory has passed ISO9001 and TS16949 certification;
  10. Small batch trial purchase is acceptable, and free samples are provided;
  11. Our prices are reasonable and maintain the highest quality for every customer.


A custom bore snap ring, also known as a custom bore retaining ring or custom bore snap retaining ring, is a specialized, precision-engineered mechanical component used to secure components onto a shaft or within a bore. Snap rings are designed to provide a removable, yet secure, means of retention in various applications. A custom bore snap ring is tailored to fit a specific bore diameter, making it ideal for unique or non-standard applications.

Here are some key characteristics and considerations related to custom bore snap rings:

  1. Customized Design: Custom bore snap rings are designed to meet specific requirements. This means that they are manufactured to precise specifications, including bore diameter, radial width, material, and other factors, based on the needs of a particular application.
  2. Snap Ring Types: There are two main types of snap rings:
  • Internal Snap Rings: These are designed to fit inside a bore or housing and provide axial retention of components.
  • External Snap Rings: These are used on the outside of a shaft to prevent components from sliding off.
  1. Materials: Snap rings are typically made from various materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, and other alloys. The choice of material depends on factors like corrosion resistance, load capacity, and temperature resistance.
  2. Installation and Removal: Snap rings are installed and removed using specialized tools, such as snap ring pliers. They can be snapped into or out of their groove to secure or release components.
  3. Applications:
  • Machinery and Equipment: Snap rings are commonly used in industrial machinery to secure bearings, gears, and other components in place.
  • Automotive: Snap rings are used in automotive transmissions, axles, and various mechanical systems.
  • Aerospace: In aerospace applications, snap rings can be found in engines and critical systems.
  • Consumer Electronics: Smaller snap rings are used in electronic devices and gadgets.
  1. Retaining Methods: Snap rings work by creating radial tension when they are installed into a groove. This tension ensures that the snap ring stays securely in place.
  2. Custom Sizing: Custom bore snap rings are available in a range of sizes and styles to accommodate different bore diameters and requirements. When a standard-size snap ring is not suitable, a custom solution can be designed to precisely fit the bore dimensions.
  3. Specialized Grooves: The bore or housing must have a groove cut or machined into it to accommodate the snap ring. This groove allows the snap ring to sit securely in place.

Custom bore snap rings play a critical role in many mechanical systems, providing a cost-effective and space-efficient solution for retaining components in various industries. Their customization allows for the precise fitting of components, which can be particularly important in applications with non-standard dimensions or where off-the-shelf solutions are insufficient. When using custom bore snap rings, it’s important to follow installation and removal procedures to ensure their proper function and reliability.