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Round wire snap ring

Product Description


Constant section retaining snap rings feature a uniform, constant section. This means that the material used to make the ring is the same width at any point along the circumference of the ring. These cost less than tapered and spiral retaining snap rings and provide only three point contact with the groove.

Round wire snap rings are split rings formed and cut from circular spring wire. Round wire snap rings are designed for use with round grooves in outer and inner shaft or bore applications. Round wire snap rings tend to hold tighter tolerances; however, their load-carrying capacity is lower than their square and rectangular counterparts.

Round wire snap rings: Axial mounting snap ring for shafts with semi-circular grooves. Fitting more tightly in their grooves than traditional snap rings, they provide a higher and more uniform thrust load capacity. Manufactured from hardened circular section carbon spring wire.

Advantages of constant section retaining snap rings

  1. No assembly/disassembly lugs = space saving in radial direction;
  2. Edges with radius, no stamping burrs;
  3. Square edge wire for sharp-edged installations;
  4. No special tooling for exotic materials;
  5. No special tooling for installing and removal necessary;
  6. Conform to DIN 471/472;
  7. Higher ring shear;
  8. Special ends for specific applications;
  9. Heavy duty sections for higher rotational capacities.


A constant cross-section retaining ring is oval when installed in a groove and only makes three points of contact. Therefore, they withstand less force than tapered section rings, making them an economical alternative to such rings, depending on the application. They also provide more clearance than tapered rings, but are more difficult to install/remove. Automotive transmissions are a typical application for constant-section rings.


Metric thrust rings are designed for axial mounting in machined grooves. These snap rings can be internal, for fitting in housings and bores, or external, for fitting on shafts. Once mounted, they provide a protrusion or “shoulder” that holds the part in place.

Industrial grade snap rings, often referred to as constant section snap rings, are wire retaining rings made of carbon spring steel with a wide rectangular cross-section providing a prominent shoulder for the retainer. Constant section rings are available as inner and outer rings for grooved applications off shafts or in bores and housings. Both inner and outer rings are available in a range of gap sizes and point types to suit most applications.

  1. Made of carbon spring steel with untreated or phosphated surfaces.
  2. Specifically designed for applications with low thrust loads.
  3. Easy to install or remove with snap ring pliers.