Custom spiral retaining ring

Product Description


A 2-Turn Spiral Retaining Ring clamps the rubber boot onto the groove making for a nearly perfect seal when the boot is filled with grease. The ring has been deburred, so it will not tear into the rubber.

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The spiral elastic retaining ring is a ring-shaped part fixed on the bearing, which can prevent other parts mounted on the shaft from moving and play the role of axial tightening.

Spiral retaining ring is made of flat metal wire, which has good elasticity and toughness after heat treatment and surface treatment. Split shaft and bore, double-turn and multi-turn, for axial positioning.

There are many kinds of materials for making spiral retaining rings, such as spring steel, stainless steel, copper and other metal materials can be easily produced. Some special spiral circlips use beryllium bronze alloys and superalloys.

Spiral circlips have five distinctive features:

  1. There is no gap – the shape is a continuous circumference, which is in full contact with the assembly;
  2. The inner circle is smooth and complete, and does not interfere with the matching parts;
  3. There is no burr on the inner and outer diameters, and it is easy to disassemble and assemble;
  4. No corner waste is generated in the production process, saving materials;
  5. No mold is required, and the production cycle is short. By changing the thickness of the material and the number of turns, it can be easily made into light-load, medium-load and heavy-load types.

Although the helical circlip is small, it is widely used. It is used in hydraulic parts assembly, valves, instruments, various lock core components, needle bearings, pulleys, connectors, quick connectors and other mechanical assemblies.

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