Multi Turn Wave Springs stainless steel 631

Product Description

Custom high precision stainless steel square wire wave spring 


  1. Multi turn square wire wave springs are formed by flat wire, and have wave peaks hold their configuration. Wave springs operate as load bearing devices, play and compensate for dimensional variations within assemblies.
  2. Square wire wave spring or multi wave compression springs offer deflections beyond round wire springs and occupy less axial space.
  3. Lispring wave springs (Flat Wire Compression Springs) offer the unique advantage of space savings when used to replace coil springs.


The square wire wave spring bears enormous loads in a small space. Compared with other types of springs, the deformation energy per unit volume of the square wire wave spring is larger. It has good buffering and shock-absorbing ability, especially when the superimposed combination is used, due to the effect of surface frictional resistance, the effect of absorbing shock and dissipating energy is more significant.

The square wire wave spring has variable stiffness characteristics. By changing the ratio of the height of the inner truncated cone to the thickness of the disc, different spring characteristic curves can be obtained, which can be linear, increasing, decreasing or a combination of them. In addition, variable stiffness characteristics can also be obtained by combining discs with different thicknesses or stacking discs with different numbers of sheets.

The square wire wave spring can obtain different bearing capacities and characteristic curves by changing the number of discs or the combination of discs. Therefore, discs of each size can be adapted to a wide range of use, which makes the preparation and management of spare parts. are easier.

In combination springs subject to very high loads, the size of each disc is not large, which facilitates manufacturing and heat treatment. When some discs are damaged, they only need to be replaced individually, thus facilitating maintenance and repair. A properly designed and manufactured square wire wave spring has a long service life. Since the square wire wave spring is annular, the force is concentrated in a concentric manner.

631 stainless steel square wire wave spring is a semi-austenitic precipitation hardening stainless steel, which is widely used in mechanical and medical fields. It has strong corrosion resistance and toughness, and has high fatigue resistance. Especially for high temperature resistance, 631 stainless steel square wire wave spring is different from other stainless steels and can be used between -40C°~380C°. In many cases it is used as heat resistant spring steel. Lisheng Spring is an experienced stainless steel square wire wave spring wholesaler, if you are interested in our products, please contact us.

Features of square wire wave spring

Square wire wave springs are defined by the following features:
  1. Square wire design: They have a square-shaped cross-section, which gives them a higher rate and load-bearing capacity compared to round wire wave springs.
  2. Wave shape: The wire is coiled into a wave-like shape, which provides a spring effect and compressive force.
  3. Space-saving: Square wire wave springs are highly compact and require less space compared to traditional coil springs.
  4. Lightweight: The square wire design and wave shape make these springs lightweight and easy to handle.
  5. High force density: Square wire wave springs provide high force density and can withstand high loads in a small space.
  6. Reduced axial height: Square wire wave springs have a reduced axial height compared to traditional coil springs, making them suitable for applications with limited space.
  7. Durable: Square wire wave springs are made of high-strength material and have high corrosion resistance, making them durable and long-lasting.


Product name 17-7PH(631)Stainless steel Multi-Wave Compression Springs-Wave spring
Length 57.15mm
Non-standards OEM is available if you provide a drawing or sample.
Spring outer diameter 60mm
Spring inner diameter 50mm
Shape Round
Sample Free(If there is ready-made goods)
Turn around Left rotation/Right rotation
Material Stainless Steel/304H / 316 / 316L / 631 / 65Mn

20#Alloy / 17-7PH / Monel Alloy / Inconel X-750

Processing craf 1.Material purchased-producing-First





Application aerospace, automobile, petroleum, medical equipment, wind energy, construction machinery, consumer electronics and other industrial products fields ,such as mechanical seal ,electric connector , bearing preload .
Packing 1.inner packing: plastic bag
2.outer packing: carton box
3.other packing: wooden or plastic pallets, and at your requestFactory introduction

We are the factory that produces wave spring. We have 11 years experience in manufacturing wave spring.We can produce wave spring according to your request. You need to provide the parameter requirements of wave spring.


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