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Interlaced Wave Springs Material stacked wave disc springs

Product Description

Interlaced Wave Springs Material stacked wave disc springs


  • An interlaced wave springs, also known as coiled wave spring or scrowave spring, is a spring made up of pre-hardened flat wire in a process called on-edge coiling (also known as edge-winding). During this process, waves are added to give it a spring effect.
  • Interlaced wave springs should be used for all applications requiring tight load deflection specifications where axial space is critical.
  • Capabilities: Spring thickness from 0.15mm to 0.7mm (0.006¡±to 0.0276¡±)
  • Spring outside dia. form 12mm to 60mm(0.472¡±to 2.36¡±)
  • Please offer me your drawing or sample, so we can produce according to your request.

Interlaced wave springs are composed of two or three wave springs of similar thickness, amplitude and frequency. The composed wave springs are wound together such that they are interleaved so that the turns of each spring are aligned with each other over the length of the interleaved spring. This staggering effectively increases the thickness of each turn to provide higher loads while maintaining similar deformation characteristics.

Interlaced wave springs carry extreme loads in a small space. Compared with other types of springs, the deformation energy per unit volume of interlaced wave springs is larger. It has good buffering and shock-absorbing ability, especially when the superimposed combination is used, due to the effect of surface frictional resistance, the effect of absorbing shock and dissipating energy is more significant.

Interlaced wave springs have variable stiffness properties. By changing the ratio of the height of the inner truncated cone to the thickness of the disc, different spring characteristic curves can be obtained, which can be linear, increasing, decreasing or a combination of them. In addition, variable stiffness characteristics can also be obtained by combining discs with different thicknesses or stacking discs with different numbers of sheets.

Interlaced wave springs can obtain different bearing capacities and characteristic curves by changing the number of discs or the combination of discs. Therefore, discs of each size can be adapted to a wide range of use, which makes the preparation and management of spare parts more difficult.

Features of interlaced wave springs:

  1. Precise adjustment performance. That is, the relationship between force and displacement is very sensitive;
  2. Good softness, that is, the deformation range is relatively wide;
  3. It is easier to manufacture;
  4. The structure is relatively compact;
  5. High energy rate.

Application of interlaced wave springs in automobiles

  1. Carrying the weight of the body. That is to say, most of the weight of the usual vehicle is borne by the spring.
  2. Slow down road bumps. The coil spring is a buffer element. When the impact force of the road on the wheel is transmitted to the coil spring, the coil spring will deform, absorb the kinetic energy of the wheel, and convert it into the potential energy of the coil spring, so as to alleviate the impact of the ground impact on the body. However, the coil spring itself does not consume energy, and the spring that has stored potential energy will return to its original shape, turning the potential energy back into kinetic energy. If springs are used alone without damping elements, some light vehicles will move up and down continuously after a single shock, like acrobats jumping on a “trampoline.”

Advantages of interlaced wave springs

Interlaced wave springs have several advantages over other types of springs:

  1. Reduced Axial Space: Interlaced wave springs require less axial space compared to other spring types, making them ideal for use in applications with limited axial space.
  2. Improved Load Control: Interlaced wave springs provide improved load control and consistency, making them suitable for applications that require precision and accuracy.
  3. High Force Density: Interlaced wave springs have a high force density, meaning they can produce a large amount of force within a small space.
  4. Durable: Interlaced wave springs are made from high-strength materials, making them durable and long-lasting.
  5. Cost-effective: Interlaced wave springs are more cost-effective compared to other spring types, making them an economical solution for a variety of applications.

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