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Wave Spiral Retaining Ring

Product Description


The Wave Ring is a wave spiral retaining ring with an axial wave form. It acts like a standard retaining ring with the additional feature of compressibility. It compensates for the overall length tolerance of stacked components, while still acting as a retaining ring. Once assembled the Wave Ring will reduce looseness and vibration in the assembly. Designed to fit into a groove, the Wave Ring applies pressure in two directions: against the groove wall and against the assembly components. Single, double or multiple turns in the Wave Ring are possible as well as a choice of materials, including our standard 17-7 PH stainless and carbon steel.

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OIL TEMPERED(SAE1070-1090), HARD DRAWN SAE 1060 – 1075, stainless steel 304,316,631,17-7PH(SUS), beryllium copper, phosphor copper,65Mn, A-286, Inconel Alloy X-750 ,X-718 ,Elgiloy ,MONEL K-500, MONEL 400 etc.


Oil Dip,Passivation,blacking, zinc/nickel/chrome/silver/gold plating, powder coated etc.