2 Turn Internal spiral snap ring

Product Description

Electric Tools Spiral Retaining Ring / Internal Retaining Snap Ring Custom Design


Internal spiral snap ring have no ears in your assembly! Internal spiral snap ring are manufactured by coiling the ring from flat wire. Because coiling produces a retaining ring with no scrap, the internal spiral snap ring can be economically produced in carbon steel, stainless steel, coppers, and many other alloys.

No gap – 360 retaining surface.

Economically produced in stainless steel because the coiling process produces no scrap.

No -Charge on custom designs.

Easy installation and removal.


Lisheng internal spiral snap ring is different from the traditional stamping retaining ring. Lisheng’s internal spiral snap ring adopts the winding manufacturing process for the needs of precise diameter size. They have a uniform cross section and are free of burrs.

Lisheng external stainless steel snap rings meet military and aerospace industry specifications and are used in thousands of mechanical products worldwide. Ordinary snap ring has ears on its structure, which cause interference with the inner parts. The internal spiral snap ring made of stainless steel produced by Lisheng has the same cross-section and no ears, so there will be no interference with the matching parts after installation, and the cost of the internal spiral snap ring is lower than that of the cassette retaining ring.

The use of circlips eliminates the need for pillow block design, reducing shaft size, saving material and machining time. Lisheng internal spiral snap ring is a kind of removable retaining ring with wave shape. A wave ring replaces a ring and a wave spring, which pre-stresses the ball bearing and also fits in the groove like a normal ring.

The double-offset outer retaining ring is used in place of the pillow block and is used to hold the nozzle parts for easy assembly. The width of the internal spiral snap ring is designed for zero interference, and its outer diameter is smaller than the diameter of the thread root. In pressure gauges, the wave retaining ring is installed in a shallow groove and exerts very little pressure on the watch glass, so that the retaining ring can hold the watch glass in place without crushing the glass.

The internal spiral snap ring forms sidewalls on both sides of the timing pulley, which eliminates the press-fit sidewall. In order to facilitate the replacement of the belt, the retaining ring on one side is easy to disassemble, and the wave retaining ring is easy to meet the requirements of on-site maintenance. If the hydraulic cylinder seal needs to be repaired, the retaining ring can be quickly removed with a screwdriver and easily reinstalled. There are many other uses of the internal spiral snap ring, if you want to know more, you can contact our company.


Processing Steps

Design →Drawing→Flat the wire→ CNC Machining → Heat treatment → Surface → Finishing →Quality Inspection→Packing


Oil Dip,Passivation,blacking, zinc/nickel/chrome/silver/gold plating, powder coated etc.



Part Number Ring Size Assembly Size
Specification Use Outside Diameter
Radial Wall
Turns Housing Diameter
Groove Diameter
Groove Width
EK-95 Internal 98.69 5.01 1.55  2-Turn 95 97.85 1.73
WK-375 Internal 98.91 5.03 1.55  2-Turn 95.25 98.09 1.73
DNK-95 Internal 99.24 6.05 2.91  2-Turn 95 98.5 3.15
WK-381 Internal 100.66 5.28 1.55  2-Turn 96.82 99.82 1.73
WKT-375 Internal 101.14 6.35 2.82  2-Turn 95.25 100.46 3.05
WKM-375 Internal 101.65 7.92 2.82  2-Turn 95.25 100.94 3.05
EK-98 Internal 101.83 5.26 1.55  2-Turn 98 100.99 1.73
WK-387 Internal 102.24 5.28 1.55  2-Turn 98.43 101.42 1.73
DNK-98 Internal 102.26 6.05 2.91  2-Turn 98 101.5 3.15
EK-100 Internal 103.83 5.26 1.55  2-Turn 100 102.99 1.73
WK-393 Internal 103.86 5.28 1.55  2-Turn 100.03 103.02 1.73
DNK-100 Internal 104.29 6.05 2.91  2-Turn 100 103.5 3.15