2 Turn External stainless steel snap ring

Product Description

External stainless steel snap ring No Mold Cost process quick installation and removal


Our external stainless steel snap ring that there is no interference in assembly and inner ear diameter burrfree, you can manually and automatic quick installation and removal, internal diameter will produce burrs and difficult to install.


What is external stainless steel snap ring?

An external stainless steel snap ring is a type of retaining ring installed on a groove or shaft to fix the axial movement of the component. The outer or inner diameter of this type of retaining ring is slightly larger or smaller than the mounting hole or shaft diameter. The circlip pliers must be used to expand or contract the circlip during installation before placing the circlip into the pre-machined shaft groove.

External stainless steel snap ring production materials are: S stainless steel US304; SUS316 as the core. The commonly used material is 65Mn spring steel, which is used in occasions with low requirements for rust prevention or high oil content.

External stainless steel snap rings are the most widely used carbon spring steel. Compared with 65 steel, it has higher strength, hardness, elasticity and hardenability. The critical hardening diameter is generally 30-50mm in water and 16-32mm in oil. Therefore, the stainless steel retaining ring material ensures its good performance and meets people’s needs.

The external stainless steel snap ring can be said to be a standard part or not a standard part. It is said to be a standard part because some products have lower requirements. As long as the inner and outer diameters of the retaining ring are almost suitable, it can be used for improvisation. It is not a standard part because many products have clear requirements for assembly parameters, such as the inner and outer diameter and thickness required for assembly, bearing strength, etc. At this time, they need to be specially customized according to the requirements. If you need  custom external spiral snap ring, please contact us.

Features of external stainless steel snap ring

An external stainless steel snap ring is a type of mechanical fastener commonly used in industrial and engineering applications. Some of its features include:

  1. Material: Made of stainless steel, it provides high resistance to corrosion and rust.
  2. Shape: Typically circular with a small gap, allowing it to be snapped onto a shaft or other component.
  3. Function: Used to retain bearings, gears, and other components in place on a shaft.
  4. Design: Usually has a rounded, beveled edge for easy installation and removal.
  5. Durability: Made from high-quality stainless steel, it offers high strength and longevity.
  6. Versatility: Available in various sizes and thicknesses to suit different applications.
  7. Cost-effective: An economical alternative to traditional fastening methods such as bolts and nuts.

Processing Steps

Design →Drawing→ Flat the wire → CNC Machining → Heat treatment → Surface →Finishing →Quality Inspection → Packing


Oil Dip, Passivation, blacking, zinc/nickel/chrome/silver/gold plating, powder coated etc


(Some specifications and sizes can be contacted for details.)

Part Number Ring Size Assembly Size
Specification Used Inside Diameter
Radial Wall
Turns Shaft Diameter
Groove Diameter
Groove Width
EZ-6 External 5.61 0.48 0.64 2-Turn 6 5.66 0.74
WZM-25 External 5.79 0.51 0.64 2-Turn 6.35 5.84 0.74
EZ-7 External 6.53 0.61 0.64 2-Turn 7 6.58 0.74
WZM-31 External 7.29 0.64 0.64 2-Turn 7.92 7.37 0.74
EZ-8 External 7.49 0.61 0.64 2-Turn 8 7.57 0.74
EZ-9 External 8.41 0.74 0.64 2-Turn 9 8.48 0.74
WZM-37 External 8.86 0.76 0.64 2-Turn 9.53 8.94 0.74
EZ-10 External 9.4 0.74 0.64 2-Turn 10 9.5 0.74
EZ-11 External 10.39 0.86 0.64 2-Turn 11 10.46 0.74
WZM-43 External 10.39 0.89 0.64 2-Turn 11.1 10.46 0.74
WZM-1350 External 326.06 16.81 4.75 2-Turn 342.9 328.35 5.31
DNZ-340 External 327.69 15.88 5.87 2-Turn 340 330 6.2
WZM-1375 External 332.08 16.81 4.75 2-Turn 349.25 334.42 5.31
DNZ-350 External 337.64 15.88 5.87 2-Turn 350 340 6.2
WZM-1400 External 338.1 16.81 4.75 2-Turn 355.6 340.49 5.31
WZM-1425 External 344.12 16.81 4.75 2-Turn 361.95 346.56 5.31
DNZ-360 External 347.57 15.88 5.87 2-Turn