2 Turn Internal Spiral Retaining Ring 65Mn

Product Description

Medium Duty 2 – Turn Internal Spiral Retaining Ring Carbon / Stainless Steel Material


Internal spiral retaining rings have no ears in your assembly! Spiral retaining rings are manufactured by coiling the ring from flat wire. This unique process produces a retaining ring that has no protruding ears or burrs to interfere with your assembly. Because coiling produces a retaining ring with no scrap, the internal spiral retaining ring can be economically produced in carbon steel, stainless steel, coppers, and many other alloys.

No gap – 360 retaining surface.

No protruding ears interfere with mating components (uniform cross-section).

Economically produced in stainless steel because the coiling process produces no scrap.

No – Charge on custom designs.

Easy installation and removal.


What is the difference between an internal spiral retaining ring and a circlip?

There is a big difference between the two in terms of appearance:

  1. The circlip usually has two process holes for the support of the circlip pliers, and there are two obvious protrusions at the process holes; while the internal spiral retaining ring has no protrusions.
  2. The 2 turn internal spiral retaining ring is very similar to the keychain, the difference is that there is a chamfer at the end of the retaining ring wire for blessing. Due to the addition of process holes, the circlip is easier to disassemble and assemble, but the protrusions at the installation process holes occupy a large space, and both the hole and the shaft circlip have the problem of taking up a large space.
  3. Compared with the circlip, the internal spiral retaining ring has no process holes, and the disassembly is not as convenient as the circlip, but the installation space occupied by the internal spiral retaining ring is smaller, and the appearance is more concise and beautiful. For occasions that do not need to be dismantled frequently, the advantages of internal spiral retaining ring are more obvious.

65mn elastic internal spiral retaining ring is a special part for supporting automobile steering column. It acts on the inner casing of the steering column of the automobile to prevent the bearing from falling off and stabilize the rotation of the inner casing in the outer casing.

65mn internal spiral retaining ring is a widely used carbon spring steel with high strength, hardness, elasticity and hardenability. During heat treatment, there is a tendency to overheat sensitivity and temper brittleness, and it is easy to crack during water quenching, so oil quenching is generally used. This steel is generally used after quenching and tempering at medium temperature. It is used to manufacture mechanical parts that require high wear resistance, high strength and high elasticity. Considering the manufacturing and process cost and the good processing and use performance of 65Mn material, 65Mn is selected as the manufacturing material of this part.

To sum up, the 65Mn elastic internal spiral retaining ring can be directly formed by two sets of molds: blanking, punching and bending. The subsequent heat treatment process is the key to the quality stability of the part. Real-time monitoring during the production of parts is essential, and making corresponding measures according to different situations can bring greater help to ensure product quality.


Processing Steps

Design →Drawing→ Flat the wire → CNC Machining → Heat treatment → Surface → Finishing → Quality Inspection →Packing


Oil Dip, Passivation, blacking, zinc/nickel/chrome/silver/gold plating, powder coated etc.


Part Number Ring Size Assembly Size
Specification Use Outside Diameter
Radial Wall
Turns Housing Diameter
Groove Diameter
Groove Width
WKT-145 Internal 39.27 2.74 1.27  2-Turn 36.98 38.99 1.42
DNK-37 Internal 39.4 3.25 1.44  2-Turn 37 39 1.6
EK-37 Internal 39.6 2.97 1.27  2-Turn 37 39.4 1.4
WKM-145 Internal 39.6 3 1.27  2-Turn 36.98 39.32 1.42
WK-150 Internal 39.8 2.41 1.09  2-Turn 38.1 39.42 1.22
WKT-150 Internal 40.41 2.74 1.27  2-Turn 38.1 40.13 1.42
DNK-38 Internal 40.41 3.25 1.44  2-Turn 38 40 1.6
EK-38 Internal 40.77 2.97 1.27  2-Turn 38 40.5 1.4
WKM-150 Internal 40.77 3 1.27  2-Turn 38.1 40.49 1.42
WK-156 Internal 41.5 2.74 1.24  2-Turn 39.67 41.07 1.42
WK-157 Internal 41.88 2.74 1.24  2-Turn 39.98 41.48 1.42
WKT-156 Internal 42.14 2.87 1.57  2-Turn 39.67 41.83 1.73