Multi Turn Wave Springs with Shim End INCONEL X-750

Product Description

Multi turn wave springs ID80mm, free height 300mm,3.5waves,50turns,17-7ph customed


  1. A multi turn wave springs with shim end inconel, also known as coiled wave spring or scrowave spring, is a spring made up of pre-hardened flat wire in a process called on-edge coiling (also known as edge-winding). During this process, waves are added to give it a spring effect.
  2. multi turn wave springs with shim end inconel should be used for all applications requiring tight load deflection specifications where axial space is critical.
  3. Capabilities: Spring thickness from 0.15mm to 0.7mm (0.006¡±to 0.0276¡±).
  4. Spring outside dia. form 12mm to 60mm(0.472¡±to 2.36¡±).

Please offer me your drawing or sample, so we can produce according to your request.

Main function of multi turn wave springs with shim end inconel

  1. Control the movement of machinery, such as valve springs in internal combustion engines, control springs in clutches, etc.
  2. Absorb vibration and impact energy, such as buffer springs under automobiles and train carriages, vibration-absorbing springs in couplings, etc.
  3. Store and output energy as power, such as clock springs, springs in firearms, etc.
  4. Used as a force measuring element, such as a force measuring device, a spring in a spring balance, etc. The ratio of the load to the deformation of the spring is called the spring stiffness, and the higher the stiffness, the stiffer the spring.

The wave spring is an elastic element widely used in the mechanical and electronic industries. The wave spring can produce a large elastic deformation when it is loaded, and convert the mechanical work or kinetic energy into deformation energy. After unloading, the deformation of the spring disappears and returns to its original state, converting the deformation energy into mechanical work or kinetic energy.

Advantages of multi turn wave springs with shim end inconel

Inconel X-750 alloy has good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance below 980 °C, high strength below 800 °C, good relaxation resistance below 540 °C, and good formability and weldability. This alloy is mainly used to manufacture flat springs and coil springs that are resistant to relaxation and require high strength for aero-engines that work below 800 °C. It can also be used to manufacture parts such as turbine blades. Available varieties are sheet, strip, bar, forging, ring, wire and tube. Inconel is a nickel-chromium alloy that offers a number of advantages for use in wave springs. It has high strength and toughness, making it resistant to wear and tear. In addition, inconel is corrosion-resistant, meaning that it can withstand harsh environments without corroding. This makes it an ideal choice for applications where exposure to chemicals or other harsh factors is likely. Finally, inconel is also heat-resistant, meaning that it can withstand high temperatures without degrading. This makes it a good choice for applications where heat is a factor. Our company can custom multi turn wave springs with shim end inconel according to customer needs. If you need customized wave spring services, you are welcome to contact us.

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