2 Turn External Spiral Retaining Ring

Product Description

Carbon steel and 302 and 316 stainless steel external spiral retainer ring


Our external spiral retaining ring that there is no interference in assembly and inner ear diameter burrfree, you can manually and automatic quick installation and removal, generally die stamping circlip have ears to interfere in assembly, internal diameter will produce burrs and difficult to install.


A 2 turn external spiral retaining ring is a type of retaining ring that is made up of two spiral coils that are wound around each other. This type of retaining ring is typically used in applications where a high level of retention is required.

The advantages of external spiral retaining ring are as follows:

  1. The structure is simple, the volume is small, the material is small, and the cost is low; it meets the needs of small space in the device design, and is practical for compact; the minimum number of parts simplifies the connection of the device.
  2. Multi-point contact, which can realize almost cost-free contact. Guaranteed larger current carrying capacity; good electrical conductivity, high electrical and thermal stability.
  3. The contact pressure of each contact point is not high, and it has good wear resistance.
  4. The unique structure makes it have a wide range; it has greater adaptability to machining errors and assembly errors.

How to use a 2 turn external spiral retaining ring?

A retaining ring is a type of fastener that retains a component in place. There are many different types of retaining rings, but external spiral retaining rings are the most common. External spiral retaining rings are typically used to retain components that have an external thread.

To use a 2 turn external spiral retaining ring, you will need to first identify the component that you want to retain. Once you have identified the component, you will need to identify the thread on the component. The thread on the component will need to match the thread on the retaining ring.

Once you have identified the thread, you will need to hold the component and the retaining ring together. You will then need to twist the retaining ring two times. Make sure that you twist the retaining ring in the same direction as the thread on the component.

Once you have twisted the retaining ring, you will need to hold the component and the retaining ring together and pull the retaining ring away from the component. If the retaining ring is properly installed, it will stay in place.

As an external spiral retaining ring factory, GJP has various specifications and models of spiral retaining rings. If you need it, you are welcome to come to consult.


Processing Steps

Design → Drawing → Flat the wire → CNC Machining → Heat treatment → Surface → Finishing → Quality Inspection → Packing


Oil dip, passivation, blacking, zinc/nickel/chrome/silver/gold plating, powder coated etc


(Some specifications and sizes can be contacted for details.)


Part Number Ring Size Assembly Size
Specification Used Inside Diameter
Radial Wall
Turns Shaft Diameter
Groove Diameter
Groove Width
EZ-6 External 5.61 0.48 0.64 2-Turn 6 5.66 0.74
WZM-25 External 5.79 0.51 0.64 2-Turn 6.35 5.84 0.74
EZ-7 External 6.53 0.61 0.64 2-Turn 7 6.58 0.74
WZM-31 External 7.29 0.64 0.64 2-Turn 7.92 7.37 0.74
EZ-8 External 7.49 0.61 0.64 2-Turn 8 7.57 0.74
EZ-9 External 8.41 0.74 0.64 2-Turn 9 8.48 0.74
WZM-37 External 8.86 0.76 0.64 2-Turn 9.53 8.94 0.74
EZ-10 External 9.4 0.74 0.64 2-Turn 10 9.5 0.74
EZ-11 External 10.39 0.86 0.64 2-Turn 11 10.46 0.74
WZM-43 External 10.39 0.89 0.64 2-Turn 11.1 10.46 0.74
WZM-1350 External 326.06 16.81 4.75 2-Turn 342.9 328.35 5.31
DNZ-340 External 327.69 15.88 5.87 2-Turn 340 330 6.2
WZM-1375 External 332.08 16.81 4.75 2-Turn 349.25 334.42 5.31
DNZ-350 External 337.64 15.88 5.87 2-Turn 350 340 6.2
WZM-1400 External 338.1 16.81 4.75 2-Turn 355.6 340.49 5.31
WZM-1425 External 344.12 16.81 4.75 2-Turn 361.95 346.56 5.31
DNZ-360 External 347.57 15.88 5.87 2-Turn</t