Characteristics and structure of retaining ring


Retaining ring is also called equal section baffle ring, because the cross section is the same, and there is no traditional punching baffle protruding part of the ear, so it is called earless baffle ring.The earless baffle ring and spiral baffle ring are similar in production, processing and using characteristics. They are made of steel wire compressed and wound. After heat treatment and surface treatment, they have good elasticity and toughness.There are two kinds of earless retainers, one for shaft and the other for hole.

The retaining ring has the following features:

☉ 截面相等,受力均匀,减少应力集中现象

☉ 内外圆光滑完整,不过盈配合

☉ 直径无毛刺,拆装方便

☉ 生产过程中几乎不产生边际废物,节省材料

☉ 不必制作模具,通过材料厚度的变化,可以轻松制作轻载、中载、超载的型式

☉ 生产周期短,可选材质广泛,弹簧钢、不锈钢、铜等金属材料均易于生产。

Retaining ring application


Retaining ring material

Ring can choose a variety of materials, such as spring steel, stainless steel, copper and other metal materials are easy to produce on the market at present commonly used spiral baffle ring material is carbon spring steel, alloy spring steel 65 mn, etc., stainless steel 304 (commonly used 302) in the United States, 316-7 ph, some occasions will use beryllium bronze alloy and high temperature alloys and other materials.

Retaining ring collar structure