What is the Wave Spring?

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Wave spring, short for wave ring, is an elastic element with several peaks and valleys on a thin metal ring. Usually, it is used in situations where the load and deformation are small and the spring stiffness is small and the axial preload is required. The waveform spring is especially suitable for applications requiring weight reduction and applications constrained by smaller installation space.

Wave spring can be divided into WS series and WSS series.

WS series is a continuous winding corrugated spring with staggered peaks. The characteristics of WS series spring are that it can provide ideal elastic force in a smaller installation space and save 50% of the space compared with conventional coil spring.

WSS series is a waveform staggered corrugated spring with flat ring. Besides the advantages of WS type waveform spring, the spring has flat rings at both ends, which is equivalent to adding two washers. Therefore, the spring has more uniform elastic force in use. It is especially suitable for the environment where the two ends of the installation space have holes. The WS type waveform is easy to fall into the hole but can not be used.