What is the function of the earless retaining ring?

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Trunnion free retaining ring what are the functions? Now let me talk about this topic! The earless retaining ring is a coil that plays a fixing role. It is mainly used for fixing parts to prevent confusion. The earless retaining ring has high strength, hardness, elasticity and other characteristics.

The corrugated earless retaining ring is made of metal and installed in the groove. This product is used as a fastener in the industrial field and can perfectly fix the supporting components and accessories. There are two types of ear less retaining rings: internal and external. The former is installed in the housing groove, and the latter is installed in the shaft groove.

There is no troublesome processing technology for the elastic ear less retaining ring. While saving time, the weight is reduced, the production cost is reduced, and the production efficiency is significantly improved. When the ear less retaining ring is used for gears, it can replace the above bolts, making the installation operation more convenient.

The hole is installed in the hole with a corrugated ear less retaining ring, which plays the role of fixing the axial action of the parts, and is smaller than the inner diameter of the assembled shaft. The surface shall be flat during production; Hardness and elasticity meet the standard; No burrs are allowed. Special tools need to be used for installation. First, insert the Tong nozzle into its Tong hole. If the ear less retaining ring is not expanded, it cannot be placed in the groove shaft processed in advance. There are differences in the application, forming process and hardness between type A and type B ear less retaining rings.

The ear less retaining ring is a removable baffle with waveform. The waveform retaining ring can replace the retaining ring and the wave spring. While applying pressure to the ball bearing, it can also be assembled in the groove like the ordinary retaining ring.