What is the difference between the corrugated washer and the collarless ring?

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Corrugated washer and trunnion free retaining ring what’s the difference? Now let’s have a detailed look! Corrugated washer is a kind of spring washer, which is different from flat washer, so we should pay attention to distinguish between corrugated washer and flat washer in use. Otherwise, it may bring us unnecessary trouble in use.

The difference between corrugated washer and non lug retaining ring:

Ordinary spring washers have relatively large elasticity. They can be prevented from loosening by their large elasticity and the blocking friction force of the inclined mouth. The anti loosening effect is obvious and reliable. It is used for locking the mechanical structure of the passage. The wave spring washer is prevented from loosening by compressing the connected piece by its elastic deformation. The wave spring washer has small elasticity and is evenly stressed without damaging the surface of the connected piece. It is usually used for general occasions where locking is required. For example, this kind of washer is used to prevent the looseness of the link between the two blades of a hairdresser.

Overview of corrugated washers:

Generally, the thickness of corrugated washer is between 0.5~2mm, and it is made of 65Mn or stainless steel and other materials with elastic characteristics. In the feeding mechanism, in order to provide an equal number of corrugated washers to the pickup position every time within a certain time interval, the driving mode of stepping motor is selected in the design to complete the feeding process.

The weight of the corrugated washer is generally about a few grams, so a smaller vacuum generator can suck it up, but here, the author suggests using a larger vacuum generator. Due to the small contact area of the corrugated washer, which is generally about 2-3 mm in diameter, the suction capacity of the suction cup of this specification is small, and the suction point is not flat, so the suction force will be very small. During the transfer process, it will fall due to vibration and other reasons. Select a larger type of vacuum generator, even if there is a suction cup, it will suck and not fall off. For this reason, when monitoring the process of transferring the gasket, the optical fiber and other methods are used alone, rather than the vacuum generator switch. The above is the difference between the corrugated washer and the ear less retaining ring.

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