What is a double-layer circlip? Is it easy to disassemble?

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What is double snap ring is it easy to install and disassemble? Now let’s take a look with the manufacturer of double-layer snap ring! There is a fastener in the shaft groove or hole groove of some machines. This fastener can be removed only with special pliers. This fastener is round and u-shaped. Its function is to prevent the parts on the hole or walking parts from moving. Then such a thing is a snap ring. No matter the installation or maintenance of the machine, what we may encounter * is that there may be snap rings when disassembling the bearings. Of course, special tools must be used when disassembling and washing.

The snap ring is also a kind of fastener, which is also called deduction or looping, and its main function is to prevent the axial movement of parts on the shaft. This kind of card yellow surface is black, and the color may vary according to different materials, but most people see black, which belongs to the color after oxidation treatment. Of course, there are also bright colors, that is, galvanized, which looks bright.

According to the direction of the circlip, when disassembling the machine, we need to see whether the yellow card is internal or external. That is, when installing the snap ring, if it is used for the hole, use the card room money for the hole. If it is used for finding, use the card room money for walking. These two pliers can’t be mistaken. The shaft snap ring pliers are closed in normal times, and the snap ring can be opened when it is used, which is convenient for installation and disassembly. If the circlip pliers are used for holes, they are opened when not in use, and can be easily disassembled when in use. In the maintenance of many equipment, we can see that whether it is used in the hole or on the shaft, it plays a fastening role. It is just a part in the machine. The above is about whether the double-layer snap ring is easy to disassemble.

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