What does the trunnion ring mean?

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About trunnion free retaining ring what do you mean? Now let’s learn what the earless retaining ring specifically refers to! Ear less retaining ring generally plays a role of axial fixation, which is generally fixed by conical surface plus ear less retaining ring with high centering degree.

Earless retaining rings are generally used for axial positioning, such as earless retaining rings for sub shafts, hole retaining rings, split retaining rings, etc. Generally, more materials are used in 65mn, and their specifications are actually different. Retainer ring is a widely used carbon spring steel. Compared with 65 steel, it has higher strength, hardness, elasticity and hardenability. The critical hardenability diameter is generally 30~50mm in water and 16-32mm in oil. It has the tendency of overheating sensitivity and tempering brittleness during heat treatment. It is easy to crack during water quenching. It is generally oil quenched. The size of retainer ring section >80 should be water quenched and oil cooled: after annealing, the machinability is also good, but the cold deformation plasticity is relatively low, poor welding performance. This retaining ring is generally used after being tempered at medium temperature. The above is about the introduction of the ear less retaining rin

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