What conditions should be paid attention to when choosing a wave spring?

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The wave spring is referred to as the ripples, which is a thin piece of cyclocular elastic metal element composed of a number of peaks. This product uses high-quality spring steel 65MN (60si2MNA /50CRVA /0CR17NI7AL /SUS304). Between HRC44-55, it has good elasticity. Usually, the load and deformation are not large. It is required to apply a shaft pre-pressure to a small rigidity. Polka springs are widely suitable for motors, textile machinery, hydraulic equipment, automobiles and other industries. The main installation is suitable for bearing rooms or holes that are suitable for specifications (nominal size). The installation space is small and has the special functions of reducing noise and reducing vibration.


Many people want to buy a wave spring, but it is not clear which one is suitable for them. So, how can we avoid blindness and choose a wave spring reasonably?


First of all, the application of wave springs is very diverse, which causes the type or material of wave spring to be different. Then we must first clarify what the space we use is like, and the use space usually refers to the working location of the spring in the hole or on the shaft. The distance between the ribs bearer surface determines the axial action space or work height.


Second, we need to understand the load demand. The load of the spring reed refers to the height and axial force of the spring itself. In some applications, there are two or more work heights of work, and it must be listed as the focus of design, especially when there is a tolerance generated by stacking, it should be considered as a design of minimum load and maximum load. In this way, we can avoid the design of errors as much as possible and not meet the expected working environment.

Multi Turn Wave Springs with Shim End Stainless steel 304

The third point is to pay attention to the actual use environment of wave spring. Generally speaking, high temperature occasions, dynamic applications (fatigue), corrosive substances or other special application environments and conditions must be included in the scope of evaluation. For a variety of different use environments, the best way is to choose the most ideal raw materials and stress to make the spring play the best effect.


What are the functions and functions of wave spring? What should I pay attention to when buying wave spring?


The development of wave springs has the ability to save time and space. The ribbon is an elastic element that has a few legal peak valley on the metal round ring.


Function of wave spring:

  1. The movement of controlling machinery, such as internal combustion engine springs, clutch control springs, etc.
  2. Absorbing vibration and impact, and energy, such as cars and trains through the buffer pressure spring under the carriage, vibration springs in the coupling.
  3. Energy storage and output, such as clock springs, firearm springs, etc.
  4. Used to perform force system components, such as the force measurement, spring in spring scale, etc. The load and deformation of the spring are called spring stiffness. The greater the stiffness, the harder the spring.


The wave spring is a thin -piece elastic metal component composed of multiple wave valleys, which is referred to as the rib. A single -layer wave spring is a number of elastic elements on the metal ring, and the multi -layer wave spring looks similar to that of many single -layer wave springs that are similar to cylindrical spiral springs.


Polka spring can be applied to motors, textile engineering machinery, mechanical design and manufacturing, petroleum universities chemical industry, hydraulic system equipment, automobiles and other industries. Significantly reduce environmental noise, reduce vibration function, and apply to occasions in large strokes and small loads.

Multi Turn Wave Spring 65Mn

Compared with ordinary spiral compressed spring, space can be saved when bearing similar loads; the overall accumulation of the equipment can be reduced and cost; it is suitable for places with limited axial space;

It can meet the requirements of different loads by changing the thickness, width or two or three overlapping wave springs of the material.


In fact, it is easy to find a suitable spring as choosing a standard product. We have a professional design engineer to assist you from choosing the right standard products of carbon steel or stainless steel from the vast products.


Finally, if you need a wave spring, whether it is a technical problem or a complicated spring design, we are all happy to serve you. At the same time, our design team provides you with complete consultation and design services. The custom product does not require additional mold fees or design costs, from design to production to ensure fast, precise and economical.


ZheJiang Lisheng Spring has been producing in wave spring for many years and has rich production experience. The main products we produce include spiral retaining ring, interlaced wave springs, carbon stainless steel multy turn wave spring, etc. If you are interested in our products, you are welcome to come to consult us.

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