What are the applications of the earless snap ring?

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Snap ring without ear it can be said that it has good applications in many industries, so what are the applications of the earless circlip?

The ear less circlip is a removable retaining ring with a wavy shape. A snap ring without ears can replace a retaining ring and a wave spring. It can apply pressure to the ball bearing in advance, and it is also assembled in the groove like an ordinary retaining ring. The double ring offset outer retaining ring is used to replace the axle table. It is used to fix the nozzle parts, making it easy to assemble. The width of the retaining ring is designed to be zero interference, and its outer diameter is smaller than the diameter of the root of the thread.

In the pressure gauge, the earless snap ring is installed in a shallow groove, which only produces very little pressure on the surface glass In this way, the retaining ring can fix the surface glass without crushing the glass. The retaining ring forms side walls on both sides of the synchronous pulley. This method eliminates the press in sidewall. In order to facilitate belt replacement, the retaining ring on one side is easy to disassemble. The ear free circlip is easy to meet the requirements of on-site maintenance. If the sealing ring of the hydraulic cylinder needs maintenance, the retaining ring can be quickly removed with a screwdriver and easily reinstalled. In addition, wave spring is also widely used, such as adjustable pulley, bearing preloading, electrical connection, hydraulic seal, clutch, ball valve, fluid valve coupling, etc.

Therefore, the function of the earless snap ring is very powerful, so it is a good choice for people.