Use of ear less retaining ring

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Trunnion free retaining ring it is one of the washers that are widely used now. It is an ideal choice for everyone in actual production. It has a high degree of automation and assembly. It is deeply loved by domestic related product assembly enterprises.

The ear less retaining ring, also known as wave spring, is a thin circular elastic metal element composed of several peaks and troughs. It is made of high-quality spring steel. After heat treatment by a specific method and according to the specific situation, the hardness is generally controlled between hrc44-55, which has good elasticity. Wave spring is widely used in motor, textile machinery, hydraulic equipment, automobile and other industries. It is mainly installed in the bearing chamber or hole suitable for its specification (nominal size). The installation space is very small, which can reduce noise Special function of reducing vibration. In order to ensure that the working elasticity meets the requirements and makes it stable, the crest height is slightly adjusted during actual production. The control system of the automatic assembly machine of the ear less retaining ring is based on the programmable controller (PLC), and the feeding mechanism is realized by using the stepping motor drive screw. The load transfer mechanism uses pneumatic principle and uses rodless cylinder and suction cup to realize assembly. This mechanism has been applied to actual production, with high degree of automation, assembly, saving labor costs, and is especially suitable for domestic enterprises engaged in the assembly of related products.

Generally, the thickness of ear less retaining ring is between 0.5~2mm, and it is made of 65Mn or stainless steel and other materials with elastic characteristics. In the feeding mechanism, in order to provide an equal number of ear less retaining rings to the pickup position every time within a certain time interval, the transmission mode of stepper motor is selected in the design to complete the feeding process.

The weight of the ear less retaining ring is generally about a few grams, so a smaller type of vacuum generator can suck it up, but here, the author recommends using a larger type of vacuum generator. Because the contact area of the ear less retaining ring is small, generally about 2-3 mm in diameter, the suction capacity of the suction cup of this specification is small, and the suction point is not flat, so the suction force will be very small. In the process of transfer, it will fall due to vibration and other reasons. Select a larger type of vacuum generator, even if there is a suction cup, it will suck and not fall off. For this reason, when monitoring the process of transferring the gasket, the optical fiber and other methods are used alone, rather than the vacuum generator switch. Use the rodless cylinder or working slide as the action carrier in X, y and Z directions. The working slide is small, solid and high precision; It combines a small cylinder with a circulating linear guide rail; Parallelism can reach 30 ¦Ì m. Perpendicularity can reach 50 ¦Ì m; Double cylinder design is adopted, which is twice the force output of ordinary cylinder; Large load torque; With adjustable stroke. The lateral action is realized by connecting a rodless cylinder with other devices. The two ends adopt hydraulic buffer positioning. The buffer device can prevent the ear less retaining ring from falling from the suction cup due to the impact of movement. The positioning device adopts screw adjustment to facilitate the adjustment of the feeding and assembly position. The vertical action is realized by connecting a slide cylinder with a suction cup, and the stroke can be determined according to the length of the rotor shaft. During assembly, place the wave washer on the upper end of the bearing in contact