Summary of characteristics of ear less retaining ring

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What are the characteristics of the ear less retaining ring? Now let’s summarize. The earless retaining ring and spiral retaining ring have many similarities in production, manufacturing and characteristics. They are made of steel wire flattened and wound. After heat treatment and surface treatment, they have better toughness and elasticity. The trunnion free retaining ring is pided into shaft and hole, and there are many forms of tail ends to choose from. The characteristics of the ear less retaining ring: the stress is uniform, which reduces the phenomenon of stress concentration. The inner and outer circles are smooth and complete, and the inner and outer diameters are free of burrs, which is convenient for disassembly. There is almost no scrap left in the production process, saving material costs. The production cycle is short and there are many optional materials. Spring steel, copper, stainless steel and other metal materials can be used as production materials. The thickness of the material can be changed without making a mold, which can be easily made into light load type, medium load type and heavy load type. The above is a summary of the characteristics of the ear less retaining ring. For more information about earless retaining ring, please visit the official website:

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