Spiral retaining ring is a very important mechanical part

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Spiral retaining ring it is one of the important mechanical parts. From large machines to small instruments, from 10000 ton ships, space shuttles to children’s toys, almost all kinds of mechanical equipment are inseparable from springs or elastic components. Springs play a very important role in machines. For example, the quality of the valve spring of internal combustion engine directly affects the working performance of the engine; another example is the safety valve in various hydraulic equipment, which can work safely and reliably because of the proper spring.

The spiral retaining ring can be defined as an elastomer, or mechanical elastic element. Its main function is: under the action of external load or when absorbing energy, it produces great deformation. After removing the load, it can still return to its original shape. The spring works by making use of the characteristics of deformation and recovery. Although, general mechanical parts (such as shafts, gears, etc.) are also made of elastic materials And deform under the action of load, but they cannot be regarded as springs. The reason is that these parts do not work by deformation, but try to maintain good rigidity as much as possible.

Springs are made of materials with good elasticity, and make full use of structural characteristics to produce large deformation during operation, so as to convert mechanical work or kinetic energy into deformation energy (i.e. elastic potential energy); The spring converts the stored deformation energy into mechanical work or kinetic energy.

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