Simple application of earless snap ring products in production and life

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Snap ring without ear what are the applications of products in our life? Now let’s have a look! In the process of continuous development and progress in the market, it is crucial and important to fully ensure that the production and processing of products meet the actual needs of consumers and consumer manufacturers. It has a positive and important role and impact on the development and progress of manufacturers, which is also important for the majority of earless circlip manufacturers.

As the level of production and processing technology is constantly developing and improving, the quality level and use performance of ear less circlip products and equipment are constantly improving, so they are widely used and applied in life. The following are some common product uses and applications, which are convenient for everyone to understand.

The snap ring without ear, also known as retaining ring or snap ring, belongs to a kind of fastener, which is installed in the shaft groove or hole groove of machine and equipment, and plays a role in preventing the axial movement of parts on the shaft or hole.

There are two kinds of snap ring pliers without ears, one for holes and the other for shafts. When taking out or installing the snap ring without ear, the special tool used is the snap ring pliers with ear free hole when the jaw is opened normally; In normal condition, the jaw is closed by the shaft snap ring pliers without ears.

The earless circlip knife is the back lock folding knife, which is an early type of folding knife. It is the so-called

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