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Nested Wave Spring carbon steel

Product Description

Carbon Steel Nested Wave Spring Manufacturer 17-7PH(SUS631)


  1. Carbon steel nested wave spring is pre-stacked in parallel from one continuous filament of flat wire.
  2. The need to stack individual springs for higher loads is no longer necessary.
  3. Carbon steel nested wave spring result in a spring rate that increases proportionally to the number of turns.
  4. They can exert tremendous forces, yet maintain the precision of a wave spring.
  5. In many applications, carbon steel nested wave spring replace belleville springs, particularly in cases where a high but accurate force is needed.


Although the spring is small, it is widely used. It has its presence in the machinery manufacturing, automobile, petrochemical and electric power industries, and there are many kinds. The wave spring is one of them. Ordinary Single Turn Wave Springs is an elastic element with several peaks and valleys on a metal ring, while Multi Turn Wave Springs seems to be composed of several ordinary Single Turn Wave Springs, the difference is that it is not simply superimposed , but processed through a special continuous winding process.

Classification and working principle of wave spring

Wave springs are usually divided into:

  1. Single Turn Wave Springs: The single-layer closed type is an “O” shape wave spring, and the single-layer open type is a “C” shape wave spring.
  2. Multi Turn Wave Springs.
  3. Carbon steel nested wave spring.

Single Turn Wave Springs: Suitable for working conditions of short displacement and low to medium elastic force, with good reliability and high working principle: Wave springs have the degree of dual working principle of cylindrical springs and disc springs.

Multi Turn Wave Springs: The spring force value is inversely proportional to the number of turns. It is mainly used for: large displacement, medium and low spring force requirements, and is a substitute for cylindrical springs.

Carbon steel nested wave spring: The force value of the spring is proportional to the number of turns. It can maintain all the characteristics of the wave spring while generating a huge elastic force. In many occasions, carbon steel nested wave spring can be used instead of the disc spring.



Product name Nested wave spring carbon steel
Outside Diameter 5mm-1000mm
Number of Turns Customer’s Demand
Number of Waves Customer’s Demand
Free Height Ref. Customer’s Demand
Load Customer’s Demand
Turn around Right rotation
Material Stainless Steel/304H / 316 / 316L / 631 /17-7PH / Monel Alloy / Inconel X-750
Processing craft 1.Material purchased-producing-First





Processing Steps Design →Drawing→ Flat the wire → CNC Machining → Heat treatment→Surface → Finishing → Quality Inspection → Packing
Application motor, compressor main engine, fluid valve, water valve, air valve, automobile clutch, brake, electrical connector, bearing preloading device and compensation device, shaft seal, mechanical seal, etc.
Packing 1.inner packing: plastic bag
2.outer packing: carton box
3.other packing: wooden or plastic pallets,and at your request
Applications For aerospace, automotive, medical, off-highway, oil & gas , Wind power ,Consumer Industrial