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定断面止め輪は、均一で一定の断面が特徴です。これは、リングの作成に使用される素材が、リングの円周に沿ったどの位置でも同じ幅であることを意味します。これらは、テーパー止めリングやスパイラル止め輪よりもコストが低く、3 点止めのみを提供します。 コンタクト 溝と一緒に。

We can customize wire retaining clips according to customer’s needs. If you are interested in our 製品、できるだけ早くご連絡ください。


  1. 組立/分解用のラグがない = 半径方向のスペースを節約します。
  2. エッジに丸みがあり、スタンピングバリがありません。
  3. 鋭利なエッジの設置に適したスクエアエッジワイヤー。
  4. 珍しい材料のための特別なツールは必要ありません。
  5. 取り付けや取り外しに特別な工具は必要ありません。
  6. DIN 471/472 に準拠。
  7. より高いリングせん断力。
  8. 特定の用途向けの特別なエンド。
  9. より高い回転能力を実現するヘビーデューティーセクション。

How to form a wire retaining clips

Forming a wire retaining clips is a process that can be completed using a few simple tools. The first step is to cut a piece of wire that is the desired length. The wire should then be bent into a circular shape. Next, the ends of the wire should be twisted together to form a loop. The loop should then be pinched together to create the snap ring.

The different types of wire retaining clips

There are three main types of wire retaining clips: the open-end ring, the closed-end ring, and the screw-together ring. The open-end ring is the most common type, and it is simply a ring with two open ends that can be easily put on and taken off. The closed-end ring has a small section at one end that is closed off, making it more secure than the open-end ring. The screw-together ring is the most secure type, as it is held together by screws rather than snaps.

How to install a wire retaining clips

wire retaining clips are used to fasten two or more objects together. They are made of wire and have a spring-like 品質 that allows them to be compressed and then released to hold the objects together. To install a wire retaining clips, you need to first identify the groove in which it will sit. Next, you need to compress the ring so that it will fit into the groove. Finally, release the ring so that it expands and holds the objects together.

What are wire retaining clips used for?

wire retaining clips have a variety of applications, including holding together parts of a machine, securing a hose or cable, and preventing a shaft from rotating. They are also commonly used in construction and automotive applications.

What are some applications for wire retaining clips?

wire retaining clips are versatile components that can be used in a variety of applications. Some common applications include:

-Securing a door panel to the door frame

-Attaching a fender to a car

-Holding a door handle in place

-Hanging a picture frame on a wall

How do you install a wire retaining clip?

To install a wire retaining clip, you will need a pair of snap ring pliers. The pliers have a special notch that allows you to compress the ring so that you can slide it into place.

What are some benefits of using wire retaining clips?

-Ease of installation: wire retaining clips can be easily installed using a variety of installation tools, including pliers, ring openers, and installation tools specifically designed for wire retaining clips.

-Versatility: wire retaining clips can be used in a wide variety of applications, including static and dynamic applications.

-Strength: wire retaining clips are stronger than other types of snap rings, allowing them to be used in more strenuous applications.