Is the snap ring a double-layer snap ring?

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Is the snap ring the snap ring? Many people have such a question about this. Let’s talk about it double snap ring let’s have a look at the manufacturers!

No, the two are different.

Clasp is the main retainer of removable denture restoration. It is directly clamped on the main abutment and made of metal. It plays a role of retention, stability and support.

The clasp consists of three parts, clasp arm, clasp body and occlusal support.

The clasp arm is the free part of the clasp, which is elastic and surrounds the abutment. The clasp tip is located in the concave area of the tooth, which is the part of the clasp that produces retention effect, which can prevent the denture from occlusal dislocation. The initial part of the clasp is hard, which plays a stabilizing role and prevents the denture from lateral displacement.

Clasp body is a hard part connecting clasp arm, occlusal support and small connector, which is located in the non inverted area of the axial angle of abutment teeth. It has the function of stabilizing and supporting denture, and can prevent lateral and gingival displacement of denture.

Occlusal support is the part of the clasp extending to the occlusal surface of the abutment, which can prevent the denture from moving towards the gingiva and maintain the position of the clasp on the abutment. If there is a gap between the remaining teeth, the occlusal support can be placed between them to prevent food impaction. If the abutment is tilted and displaced, and has poor contact with the opposite teeth or no occlusal contact, the occlusal support can also be increased to restore the occlusal relationship.

Snap ring, also known as retaining ring or snap ring, is a kind of fastener, which is installed in the shaft groove or hole groove of machine and equipment, and plays a role in preventing the parts on the shaft or hole from moving left and right.

The commonly used ones are shaft clamp (STW) and hole clamp (RTW). 65Mn spring steel is mainly used in domestic mainland production, and the corresponding standard is the national standard. The snap ring produced in Taiwan Province has better quality in China. The circlip produced in Taiwan, China province of China is mainly made of sk7 spring steel, which is subject to the Japanese standard Of course, there are also C-type, E-type and U-type snap rings.

The above is about the difference between double-layer snap ring and snap ring.

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