Introduction to the performance and installation of ear less retaining ring

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Trunnion free retaining ring how about the performance of? How to install it? Now let’s have a look! The ear less retaining ring mainly plays the role of tightening the axial direction, in which the conical surface plus the retaining ring has a high degree of centering. The retaining ring is also used in the working conditions of dynamic seal and static seal. The dynamic seal can be used at the outer seal and the inner seal.

Installation of ear less retaining ring: if the pressure only acts on one side of the O-ring and star seal ring, only one retaining ring needs to be placed on the pressure side. If the compression direction is changed, it is necessary to use an additional earless retaining ring, and place an earless retaining ring on both sides of the sealing ring. However, in order to avoid errors during assembly, it is recommended to install two ear less retaining rings even if the pressure only acts on one side.

The above is about the performance and installation of the ear less retaining ring.

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