How to test the earless retaining ring?

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How to trunnion free retaining ring test? Now let’s have a look! In the process of mechanical use, if the retaining ring is damaged, it will affect people’s use, so how to check the retaining ring?

1. Sample and analyze the lubricant, and judge by its pollution degree and whether it is mixed with foreign matters or metal powder. This method is particularly effective for bearings that cannot be close to observation or large bearings. The bearing cannot be directly observed during the operation of the retaining ring, but the abnormal bearing can be found through the conditions of noise, vibration, temperature, lubricant, etc.

2. Shaft retaining ring this method belongs to the comparison method, which is limited to the occasions where the running state does not change much. Therefore, continuous temperature recording is necessary. In case of failure, the temperature will not only rise, but also change irregularly. This method should be combined with voice recognition method.

3. The shaft retaining ring is recognized by sound, which requires rich experience. It must be fully trained to recognize the bearing sound and non bearing sound. For this reason, we should try our best to carry out this work by professionals. The sound of the bearing can be clearly heard by sticking the sound stick on the shell.

Therefore, the ear less retaining ring can be checked by the above method.