How to prolong the service life and increase the working efficiency of the ear less retaining ring

What we are interested in is how to improve the performance of the spring. Breakthroughs in technology. Building the Lisheng brand for 100 years.

Trunnion free retaining ring how to prolong life and increase work efficiency? Now let’s have a chat. The ear less retaining ring is used in rural areas with poor road conditions. Generally, in more than a year, some even only a few months, the large sprocket will suddenly slip during driving, because; the bushing is damaged due to too large impact vibration force, which makes the circlip unable to get stuck. Because of the wear of the circlip groove, the whole rear aluminum wheel needs to be replaced, which is really uneconomical.

The ear less retaining ring comprises a retaining ring matrix, which is characterized in that: the outer edge of the retaining ring matrix for holes is provided with a thickened layer; The upper surface of the retaining ring base is provided with an inner arc surface. The manufacturing process is simple, the structure is reasonable, and the elasticity of the retaining ring is good. The original plane contact is changed to the inner arc surface contact, which effectively reduces the service stress of the fixed parts, so that the fixation is firm and the positioning is accurate. Moreover, the service life is improved and the work efficiency is increased through the design of the thickened layer.

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