How to measure the size of double-layer snap ring?

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Double snap ring how to measure the size of? Now let’s talk about this topic. The circlip for shaft is an axial movement installed on the grooved shaft and used to fix parts. If you measure the inner diameter of this kind of circlip, it is slightly smaller than the assembly shaft diameter. (The specific size should be checked according to the standard, not a fixed value). If you want to purchase: directly measure the outer diameter of the shaft.

The shaft is represented by the specification of the retaining ring: it is determined according to the shaft diameter you use. For example, your shaft diameter is 50mm, which is expressed as: circlip 30gb894.2-1986894.1-1986 circlip for type a shaft. Marking example: shaft diameter d0=50mm, material 65mn, heat treatment hrc44 ~ 51, marking of circlip for type a shaft after surface oxidation treatment: circlip gb894.150, the same is true for circlip for hole, and the inner diameter of hole is measured directly:. For example, your aperture 40mm,: is expressed as: retainer ring 40gb893.1 (circlip for type a hole) example of circlip marking for hole: aperture d0=40, material 65mn, heat treatment hrc47 ~ 54, marking of circlip for type b hole after surface oxidation treatment: retainer ring gb893.240 such as: marking of circlip for type a hole: retainer ring 40gb893.1. The above is an introduction about how to measure the size of double-layer circlip.

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