Conditions of the influence of the elastic potential energy of the earless retaining ring

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Trunnion free retaining ring what factors are related to the elastic potential energy of? Now let’s have a look! With the increasing use of various mechanical equipment, the development speed of various shopping malls is also faster and faster, and the development of the parts industry is gradually emerging. As an indispensable part of mechanical equipment, the use of ear less retaining ring is very wide, which brings great convenience to life and production. However, in the process of application, we will also encounter various problems, such as what is the reason for the failure of ear less retaining ring?

Nuclear spring factory will give you a description of the reasons:

1. There was a quality problem in the use of the ear less retaining ring in the manufacturing process. Even though some strengthening treatment has been carried out in the process production, the shortcomings of the manufacturing materials themselves have shortened the life of the spring by a lot, resulting in the elastic fatigue of the materials in advance, which leads to the elastic failure of the spring.

2. If the application environmental conditions of the parts are not good, it will also form elastic failure. Because the operation at room temperature can play a better elasticity and conductivity, but with the increase of the operating environmental temperature, it will gradually exceed the limit and form the failure of the ear ring.

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