Lisheng Spring company come back to work after the Chinese Spring Festival

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After the Chineses Spring Festival, we returned to work, and all of us invested in the new work with more enthusiasm. In the New Year, our company has a new increase in technical personnel and production personnel, but also a new increase in the wave spring production machine, greatly increased the capacity, so as to meet the needs of more customers. Lisheng company adhering to the “customer first, full participation, continuous improvement, the pursuit of excellence” quality policy, design and production to meet customer requirements of a wide range of corrugated wave spring and spiral retaining ring products.

Advantages of Nested Wave Springs


Nested wave springs are legal linear wave springs with multiple turns, coiled in parallel to create higher forces. These forces increase proportionally to the number of turns. They can replace stacked single-turn wave springs when the application requires higher loads than a single-turn can produce.

Take you to understand gap wave spring in many ways


Gap wave spring is a type of spring that is designed to provide a consistent and reliable level of force to a wide range of applications. These springs are made from high-quality materials and are designed to withstand the demands of a variety of industrial, commercial, and residential settings.

Overlap Wave Spring: Understanding and Applications


The overlap wave spring is made up of two waves that overlap each other. This design allows for a larger deflection than a traditional wave spring, which means it can provide a higher force within the same amount of space.

What do you need to know about wave spring washer


A wave spring washer is a mechanical component that is used to create a spring force for the purpose of applying a load or providing a bias. It is a type of spring that is shaped like a wave and is typically made of metal.

Tips about spiral retaining ring


A spiral retaining ring is a mechanical fastener that is used to hold components in place within a machine or device. It is a type of circular fastener with a spiral-shaped wire that is wrapped around a central core, forming a ring shape.

Multi Turn Wave Springs – The Ideal Solution for Precision Applications


Multi turn wave springs are ideal for precision applications as they offer a high degree of flexibility and can withstand repeated deflections without permanent set. They are also capable of withstanding large axial loads and are an excellent choice for applications that require tight tolerances.

Wave Spring Washer- A Vital Piece of Equipment


Wave spring washers are an important piece of equipment that are used in many industries. They are vital for keeping equipment working properly and preventing damage. Wave spring washers are available in a variety of sizes and can be customized to meet specific needs.

Spiral retaining ring: everything you need to know


A spiral retaining ring is a type of retaining ring that features a spiral-shaped groove on its inner diameter. This type of ring is ideal for applications that require a high degree of flexibility and movement.

Gap Wave Springs: The Wave of the Future

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Gap wave springs are the wave of the future. They are smaller, more efficient, and more durable than traditional coil springs. They are the perfect solution for applications where space is limited and performance is critical.